Finally Obtained All My Desired Renown 40 Items

I have been playing Fallend London for a little over a year - started in July, 2021. I have reached 230 base in all my primary stats and with items can reach:
W = 302
S = 312
D = 291
P = 313

My secondary stats are all at max base and with items can reach:
Glasswork = 12
Kat. Tox. = 11
Monst. Anat = 13
Red Sci = 10
Mithrad = 10
Player of chess = 11
Shap Arts =9
Zeefairing = 7
Neathproof = +3

My max individual BDR is:
Biz = 16
Drea = 17
Resp = 19

I do not know how high I can get my combined BDR as I have not used this in ~9 months. I am able to don a set of gear for Khan’s Heart that allows me to 100% all three challenges needed for my cover identity.

I decided about 2-3 months ago that I wanted to obtain renown 40 in most of the factions and obtain the associated 40 renown items. This proved quite a slog as I am a freeloader player so only get one 20-action candle and my renown stats started at between 8-10 each. I decided I would pursue all of the factions except rubbery and tomb-colonies. The rubbery did not interest me even though the level 40 item was pretty good because it needed fate to obtain and none of the tomb-colonies renown items were better than what I already possessed.

I am happy to report that today I finished this slog. Hell renown 40 and its renown 40 item was the last one I obtained. Society favours were far and away the easiest to obtain and I was not even closest to Society. I was closest to Bohemians. Urchin favours were the hardest for me to obtain so I ran the Affair of the Box a bazillion times to obtain urchin favours. My Survivor of the Affair of the Box is now a crazy high 70.

Then I switched to Spending Secrets and Counting the Days to get favours from Docks, Urchins, Great Game, and Bohemians. Finally, I did a bunch of chess games to get Great Game and Revolutionaries favours. This was made easier by my level 40 of Boatman’s Opponent.

So now I have to decide what to pursue next. I will probably start with more exploration of the options at each railway station as I have not explored many of these thoroughly.

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