[Fic]A letter from a very awkward solicitor

What is trancribed here is a letter from a still inexperienced lawyer to his dear friend, seeking advice in a very strange matter.

it follows

&quotMy dear ______ I write this letter hastly and in frank despair. Please answer right away. I need your precious advice in this matter.

I don’t know if you are aware of the gossips about the deceased duke of Yew. He was not a particularly striking figure. What they say is that he spent most of his life hunting. KIlling things in the bugsby marshes, from wolves to hell hounds and even bleminghans they say. He almost never made appearance on the court. He died last year while hunting the vake - A old dead tree that predates the fall fell on him while he was camping on the marshes - and since he was the last surviving of his line, his titles all were disputed among a angry mob of distant cousins, some which were not even cousins at all,one was even a rubbery man, can you belive?!

Anyway. A new sucessor was choosen based on his merits and a long written letter describing him as the most beloved cousin of the deceased duke. Im sure the duke never saw the man in his life. But you know how these things go at the court.

Then just five days ago it happend. The deceased duke made an appearance on the court, with his new bride. Im not writing poppycock, he was was really planning to marry the girl, a melancholic mortician! As if this disparate was not enough the new duke of Yew was presented and confronted the damm colonist and his bride. The deceased duke was not even aware that there was a new duke of Yew. They begun a sour argument about the legitimacy of the title sucession until the deceased duke released his final and dreaded point

He just said in the middle of the court: Well this is very irregular, what if my marriage bear fruits?

three women fainted at the same time, a old veteran had to be dragged out for screaming something about god forgiving his profanity. The privy counselor had to remember everyone that they were in no other place than in the shuttered palace.

Some people even asked themselves if he didn’t mean she was pregnant before his death, but he died last year! it’s more than 9 months Im sure.
Anyway, this gossip spread like fire on the high society and low born alike. Many tomb colonists shared their support to the deceased duke. In veilgarden the poets wrote about love beyond death. The bishop of southwark almost threw a fit.

and then just yesterday the very own deceased duke appeared in my little office. He wants me to take his case and make them reconize that his title is his and will be of his children too! I felt nauseous and not only because of his smell. His bride was there too, a melancholic mortician, with dark messy hair and this eeary expression as if she was not there. Always adjusting his bandages. They told me their love is real, and by the way he looked at her with his smoky eyes and the way she was always by his side I think it’s real, by god, they are really in love.

No other lawyer wanted to represent them, and he will pay well. I don’t know what to do! Accepting this could ruin me. But If I could win… oh if I could win this case. I would be known as the most miraculous solicitor in the city! Oh how they would talk about me. I could pherhaps open a bigger office, the rats that appear everynight to steal my crackers and chew the documents are getting too big to fit the hole on the wall.

But you know that Im still inexperienced in all of this right? You know, they recommended me to sell my soul. They said the clarity of mind I would gain with this would help with the cases and I would become more efficient, the price is just a plus. But I can’t, I think Im maybe too attached too it, say what you want but I think it might be emotional attachment.
A devil even appeared in here once to analyse how much my soul was worth. He left a burn mark on the new table I bought to liven up this place.He said he was very sorry and that he would add a marble table as an extra if I sell my soul.

What should I do? Should I take this case? It might be my big chance, or maybe. I don’t know. Maybe It will be my undoing.

Please give me your advice my dear friend

from your awkward friend

________ &quot

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I must ask you to forgive me if there are many errors in the text. I trying to practice my english by writing and I hope you can enjoy nonetheless. Feel free to give me advice in my writing, both grammar and text construction.
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