Feral crocodiles: Elusiveness of Quarry 75

Hello everyone,

Ever since the crabs spectacle the feral crocodiles I try to hunt have “Elusiveness of your Quarry: 75”. Is this intentional? I only saw this value when I went out hunting crabs, decided it was too much of a hassle. Proceeded to hunt feral crocodiles, who were suddenly as elusive as the crabs.
Does anyone know if this is now the standard elusiveness for crocodiles? Or is something wrong with my account?


Yeah, it is the standard, but Crocodiles don’t scale in difficulty as time goes by, unlike Lifebergs. You may have an easier time with the former anyway.

A single piece of Monstrous Anatomy equipment will let you 100% the option that reduces elusiveness, if you’re worried about it, and you can come by Deep-Zee Catches in twos with the “A Giant Angler Crab” card drawn while zailing.

You do need the monster hunter profession for that option, though.

EDIT: Also, you may want to post any future questions you have in the Weekly Questions thread, you’ll probably get a quicker reply next time.

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Thanks for your answer, much appreciated.

Sadly I’m not a monster hunter :/ I can only hunt Crocodiles and Seals, and figured the Crocodiles would be more rewarding. Alas, back to the drawing board!

(I wasn’t sure where to post and will bear the Weekly Questions in mind!)

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