Felicia Day referencing Sunless Skies

In the most recent entry of her podcast (Felicitations!), Felicia Day has briefly mentioned Sunless Skies, saying she might also stream it sometime soon (time 31:20):

Years ago, her talking about Fallen London on her &quotThe Flog&quot series on YouTube has pulled many to this game (myself included). I assume her current podcast doesn’t have nearly the same level of exposure as &quotThe Flog&quot but her streaming Sunless Skies might have an impact.

[color=#0066ff]Oh what fun! We’ll keep an eye out.[/color]

And an update:

Here’s Felicia’s stream playing Sunless Skies for two and a half hours from a few days ago:

She’s talked about this briefly in her recent podcast, and has also referenced the recent info revealed about Alexis and how that has made her unsure of whether to keep playing the game: (time code 15:00)