Feedback (Prospect mechanics)

This is a simple and quick one.

Cargo for Prospects is sometimes avaliable as Bargins, or straight up sold, at the port you are delivering to.
Narritively this is ludicrous, but it also strips your strategising and effort of any meaning, you could have just rocked up and sold their own supplies back to them at twice the price…
It’s a simple thing but this really defaltes the experience of playing, it feels like the game is mocking you for having the audacity to think your effort and time matters.
As a player only a few hours in it leaves a bad taste in the mouth, compared to the way Sunless Sea hooked me in.

Narratively it makes perfect sense. Just because you find a guy selling cheap seeds and a guy buying them at a premium doesn’t mean that they found each other. This kind of thing happens all the time in real life.

No one is going to send a message halfway across the skies to aquire a resource that could have been found in their own port at half the price, especially if that resouce is a regular product of that port.

In the case of a bargin said cargo can then be bought and delivered at the same exact bazaar, no one is going to miss that.

The game makes some notion towards the idea that this is a contract by saying no other captain will take on a prospect you have claimed, but then you can also underdeliver on or discard a prospect at will, flying in the face of any suggestion that this is contractual in any way.

This is without even considering how mechanically dissatisfying it is.

It’s also a fairly simple fix, exculde some ports as the destinations for particular cargo, and prevent ports from having bargins on cargo they are currently requesting