Feedback - I find the text far too small.

I’m playing Sunless Sea on a 17 inch 1920x1080 monitor, and my Visual Acuity as of a year ago was a pretty normal 6/8 metric (equivalent to about 20/27 imperial)… i.e I’m about as confident as one can be that I don’t need glasses at the moment.

Despite that, I find I’m unable to play the game for more than about 30-45 minutes without the small text becoming headache-inducing. I’m unable to read much of the smallest text from my comfortable position about 2 feet from the screen, I’m constantly having to lean in to make the task easier.

I looked in the options, but there’s nothing related to text size there. For a game that revolves so heavily around narrative I feel like the act of reading needs to be made almost effortless, not the chore that it currently seems to be.

I don’t get headaches but I do agree with you that it’s annoyingly small. 14" widescreen monitor.

I’m at the same resolution as Moarpye, on a 23&quot monitor. I agree it’s pretty rough on the eyes. There’s plenty of screen real-estate to spare. Scaling up Gazetteer with the text, and putting the log as a tab in it would be great.
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Fully agreed. Having the Gazetteer be so small relative to the rest of the screen makes it feel like an unimportant sidenote. There also seems to be some issue with the text-smoothing - text in the notifications on the side looks clear, but in the Gazetteer itself the text is a bit more blurry.

Agreed there, Gazetteer text and log book text are both too small.

[quote=Alexis Kennedy on Steam][url=]The EMERALD patch will probably slip a little, but you can expect to see some interim patching in the next week. Here’s the key upcoming features:

BETTER TEXT. We heard you. We’ve been ploughing tech resource into finding ways to make the text more readable. [/url][/quote]

Fear not, folks; it’s already in the pipe!

Wonderful news. I’d not said anything because I figured it was just me having difficulties.

They… They heard us?


I think it was particularly bad when you mouse over things in your journal and whatnot.

I am happy! I also find the text rather difficult to read, on a 23" monitor 1920*1080, so I’m really glad it’s being looked into

Captain, the team at failbetter are actually notably more concerned and responsive when it comes to player complaints.

That isn’t to say that they do everything anyone ever asks, but they really do listen to every complaint, and consider things, as best I can tell.

That’s fantastic news… I really hope it’s a thorough reassessment of the text presentation, rather than just a token few points added to the fonts, but I’ll wait patiently and see what they come up with.
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Failbetter are a good studio. If something needs fixing, they’ll fix it.

I’m really glad that Failbetter is so on top of things! I did want to mention, though, that while the text isn’t necessarily too small for me, it looks like it’s a bit fuzzy. The rest of the game is a good resolution, but the text can get annoying purely due to feathering around the edges, which might be part of the issue? (It just hadn’t been mentioned yet and I figure upsizing the text size wouldn’t necessarily fix this part of the issue.)[li]
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James Flattery actually mentioned it a few posts up, and I didn’t mention it in the original post because I figured that might just be me, or more specifically my old-ish monitor.

And this sense of &quotit’s probably just me&quot seems to be a recurring theme. Once the text has improved and I can really indulge in the game I’m going to try and keep that in mind as I give future feedback., I’m now wondering what other niggling little issues might be going unreported, but I don’t have the experience myself to speculate.
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[quote=MoarPye]James Flattery actually mentioned it a few posts up … I’m now wondering what other niggling little issues might be going unreported, but I don’t have the experience myself to speculate.
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Whoops, that’s where speed-reading gets me! My bad!

And huh, there might be a few that I can report once I compile them a little better (to avoid pointing out small things one by one) and check to see which ones have been mentioned already, mostly of the &quotshifted text in certain storylets&quot variety, along with similar issues.

Yeah, I’ve been holding off on reporting some of the minor typos and the like on the grounds that everything is still very much in flux and may be rewritten.