Feedback: Discoveries and Spectacles

Two new features added in the recent update, which are making exploration more fun. I wanted to give some feedback, but others will too i’m sure, so this thread is the place for that

To be sure we’re clear on terminology:

Discovery: Small, procedurally generated interactible objects. EG, floating munitions/supply crates, trainwrecks in the sky, mineable hours rocks. Most discoveries seem to be interactible and allow you to gain something from them

Spectacle: A grand thing to look at, generally with some really nice art. Spectacles raise or lower your terror when you pass near them

There’s quite a few spectacles in the game already, and they are visually impressive. Really, truly impressive, wondrous things to see. I just found Faith’s Fall this evening, wow.
Their effects on terror are nice, but kind of minor. And - economically speaking at least - aren’t worth seeking them out, as doing so often involves combing vast grey areas of the map, burning tons of fuel and supplies as you go

I propose adding a bonus to spectacles. A one time, single reward for discovering them. I think this should be:

  1. a small permanant +1 increase to one of your stats (hearts, mirrors, veils, iron, etc). Exactly which stat to increase can be individually chosen for each one.

[ul][li] &quotThe beauty of the regent’s tears moves you to tears of your own, you’ll remember this sight in your dreams and darkest hours to come&quot +1 hearts
[/li][li]&quotThe terrifying ordeal of flying over Old Tom’s Well is a crucible, as your crew scream, beg and pray around you, you come out on the other side hardened, and with new resolve.&quot +1 iron[/li][li]&quotThe memorial of the unknown rat causes you to reflect on the nature of altruism. Is an act done without fame or recognition not the purest of good?&quot +1 veils[/li][li]&quotThe crawling letters on the ruins burn against your eyes, searing perilous new understanding into your mind.&quot +1 Mirrors
[/li][/ul]Over the course of the whole game, these bonuses would add up to a couple extra levels of stats, and generally be broadly balanced. We had lots of ways to affect stats via storylets in sunless sea too, it wouldn’t particularly unbalance anything. But a permanant stat bonus gives a reason to go exploring even if you’re rich

  1. In addition, a small economic reward. Roughly 200-500g worth of immaterial items that could be used to cover the cost of your exploration. things like sky stories, visions of heaven, tales of terror, moments of inspiration, etc. This would allow peaceful exploration to be a more viable playstyle

To reiterate though, these bonuses would be one-time only, for the first time each spectacle is discovered. So you’d have to keep moving to new horizons and discovering new things, in order to keep gaining rewards

Incidentally, it may also be a good idea to allow the scouting bat/owl to locate spectacles (perhaps in a smaller radius, to retain some challenge). Since the scout’s usefulness tends to drop to zero once you’ve discovered all the ports

Oh and spectacles need chart icons or somesuch, color coded red or blue, depending on whether they’re scary or calming ones, so you can easily remember spectacles you’ve discovered and plan your routes to pass by them for the terror effects

Also, RE discoveries, specifically the floating crates. it’d be nice if they had some varying appearance depending on the contents, so you could have a rough idea of whether it’s worth turhing around to pick it up when you’re desperately crawling along on the last coal fumes in your firebox

And more storylets are needed for them too. Hours mining is rather unceremonious at the moment, you just press button and recieve hours. It’d be nice to have some text describing how your mining system saws and chips at the rock, unveiling things within. And maybe there could be a small chance of that rock containing a surprise, like

[ul][li]a formerly-sleeping-now-angry cantankeri. [/li][li]a stray chip of time impacts your hull and corrodes it with half a century of rust in a moment, causing some damage.[/li][li]An unexpected gust of wind shakes the mooring lines, and sends one of your poor crewmen careening into the saws. The next few minutes are rather crimson
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I’ve said this before, but the crates should 100% give floaty text when you pick them up, for two reasons:

  1. its sometimes hard to work out what you just picked up

  2. floaty text is the best thing about this game, and my appetite for it will never be satisfied.