[Feedback] Better Journal Entries

Returning to the game I have forgotten somethings, such as where to take this bottle of souls… Some of the jobs are better listed in my journal (such as an admiralty commission) but not all are listed with sufficient information.

Every other feedback from playing this exceptionally addictive game has already been sounded by other players and topics on the boards (mostly game economy balance).
edited by Carol Liddle on 7/6/2014

That information is in your journal - somewhere in the top half. The first commission is always to take them to Mount Palmerstone. After that you are given the money to collect them from anywhere on the map (don’t spend the echoes unless you have another 1,000 as you need to give the money to your contact) Once you get them you always take them back to the Blind Bruiser in London.

By the way it is a very bad idea to return to London without getting them, the Blind Bruiser isn’t very nice when he is angry :)
edited by reveurciel on 7/6/2014

Eh, I returned to london once, unscathed. Dunno if it was a bug or something, but nothing happened.

Maybe it is a luck check or you didn’t have the SAY to trigger his story. The one Captain I did it with had a choice of giving him the money back or fighting him. As far as I know both options give you the refused quality and he never asks you to do anything for him again.

Yea, I came back to London and had to fight him off, 10% chance… can’t believe I made it.

I think it’s a bit much, to ask you to take something to a place you don’t even know where it is. I feel like if someone is sending you somewhere it should come up on your map, because they obviously know where it is. I couldn’t do the task without coming back to London, because I simply could not find it.

What is the comission for getting them back to London?

200 echoes. So not bad.