Feducci's Very Surmountable Lead

You know, thinking about it, there are quite a few narrative hints in the halfway update indicating that Feducci’s lead isn’t actually that large and the false-tomb colonist’s bravado and expectations of certain victory are rather…misplaced.

First, Feducci is literally measuring the drapes in Blythenhale Mansion. Measuring the drapes is the political equivalent of &quotcounting your chickens before they are hatched&quot and carries a strong connotation of soon to be dashed overconfidence.

Second, Feducci’s pre-ordered victory champagne exploded at his HQ! That…that’s not a good sign, expectations of victory literally blowing up in their faces.

Third and last, the diary of Feducci’s campaign manager is a long series of complaints about how things are going. So, it seem there is some trouble in paradise and the campaign is not doing as well as it appears to be from the outside looking in.

I know for a fact that Feducci is losing support right now and the Campaigner is surging. I think even a modest shift will destroy Feducci’s lead.

I hesitate to read too much into little bits of flavor text. I wouldn’t go looking for omens where there may be none.

That being said, both the Detective and Campaigner, especially the latter with the revelation of her support by Rubbery and Clay Men, have seen a surge in support the past couple days. Feducci’s lead is by no means concrete, so he (and certain supporters of his) is indeed celebrating rather prematurely.
edited by Isaac Zienfried on 7/4/2017