Fecund Amber

I seem to have somehow picked up a new kind of amber for me: fecund variety.

Im not sure how

any ideas?

You can only get it in the Nadir, if you have a lot of diaries of the dead.

There’s a card- do you recall how they came to this place, i believe- that gives a single fecund amber per 5 diaries of the dead given. should you gather another five such ambers, you will be able to trade them for a single fluke core and remove the card from your deck for as long as you hold onto the item.

I’m so happy every time someone forgets something from the nadir.

I’ve not unlocked the nadir yet. I have done the expedition to find it but not unlocked it yet

Are you married to a rubbery person by any chance? I think you used to get it as a gift from your rubbery spouse on the feast of the expectional rose(only once, too).

ah yes I was i recently broke up with them however