Feature Request

Let us marry Furnace.

(I’ve started the railway and she’s EVERYTHING!!)

But seriously, it might be nice to have marriageable candidates unique to ambitions or finishing long storylines like Evolution and the Railway!

I know you guys are juggling a lot and it’s not a priority but it might be a nice minor update!


Actually follow up on ambitions!

Why do some but not all treasures grant a new unique option on the terms of address?

It seems strange to me that regent is an option but not master or any sort of beast slayer titles for the Bag a Legend plot. I get why Nemesis doesn’t have one, perhaps, but the others make little sense. Why wouldn’t the lease on london be sufficient to unlock Preserver, for instance?

I know there’s a good many options in game, but it feels odd that some but not all ambitions get that as an additional reward at the end.

Especially with titles being added for newer content including House of Chimes dispensations.

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Yesss please, I am so in love with that woman

Yeeesssss! The youthful naturalist might be a complete disaster of a human being, but if my character wasn’t already married I’d grab him faster than you can blink!


There’s always divorce!


Well yes, but from an in character stand-point my boi is quite happy with his husband and his wife and his other husband and his other partners and I don’t wanna make suffer in his love-life, he’s suffering nearly all the rest of the Time.


My feature request is to remove the Painted-Cat (a Feast of the Rose gift). A quick search shows that painting cats and kittens IRL is a growing (or at least more openly seen) form of animal abuse that causes severe pain and frequently death to the animal. I know the Feast’s Painted-Cat was always meant to be a lighthearted offering, but I think it isn’t appropriate anymore, unlike, say, a rattus faber or carved skull or ashtuvian whatever, none of which exist outside the game. Thanks.


It’s a historical reference and the humor is meant to come from the juxtoposition of the cruelty we can recognize being shown against the blase way animals were treated in the late 1800’s, especially by posh society.

There’s other similar animal cruelty in game to; if you wanted to get rid of all of it you’d also have to rework the entire monster breeding plotline.

Not at all to say this is impossible, just that if it upsets you this deeply it would need a massive overwork and you should be aware of the scope of what you’re asking for :>


Only the cat, not the monsters. And painting cats wasn’t practiced in the 1800s; it is a distinctly 21st century development.

For what it’s worth, the cat in this case is sentient, is able to consent, and does in fact consent in exchange for ample payment (though becomes a bit grumble-y about the bargain after the fact).


Could we bring dualing back? I would love to invite my good friends to try and murder each other directly. The assassin system is fine, but it doesn’t have the personal touch stabbing your buddy in the lungs with a rusted shiv has.


I enjoy having my pet Pinky, the ooze is a part of their charm.

Just some feedback about my early user experience. Was anyone else confused by the different sequences for attributes, and costumes? LHS panel is

![Watchful] (https://images
![Shadowy] (https://images.fallenlondon.com/icons/catsmall.png)
![Dangerous] (https://images.fallenlondon.com/icons/bearsmall.png)
![Persuasive] (https://images.fallenlondon.com/icons/foxsmall.png)
Yet IIRC the outfits initially are:
and on the Myself Tab:
which initially made it hard for me as a beginner to reconcile which went with which attribute. essentially Evening/ Incognito both seemed to go with Shadowy.

the outfits seem to be in reversed order to the list on the Myself tab. Which I now use as its easier to check totals. it adds the bonuses for me, without my occasional mistake! err, no they’re not reversed. That might explain why I was still picking the wrong outfit until I re named them meaningfully. (DPSW seemed more of a sensible order with D= physical opposite W= intellectual. I see it s actually alphabetical.)

So, FBG, may I plead you reorganise the (initial ) outfit order to
And ask you to consider altering the order of attributes on the Myself tab, if that’s simple.

I was not, personally, and since no equipment is equipped automatically and you can immediately rename things I don’t think it’s a big issue personally!

(Didn’t you make a thread for this already though?)


Could we please move the “get a new ship” option into it’s own window, please? I haven’t personally sold my ship by mistake(at least not yet)but it’s quite inconvenient and leads to accidents.


So anyway I just finished evo and oh boy this comment aged like milk

Another day, another minor feature request :>

With the endings of the Railway, the Ambitions and Evolution now out, as well as the introduction of several fate-locked options, every update we stray further and further away from the mandatory humanity of early Fallen London. As such… any chance we could get new cameos soon? I know more customization options are coming; could these be part of it? Could we also get some further customization for gendering possibly? I know that the update addressed that some, but I think it’d be nice to represent a larger spectrum.

Idk I feel really passionately about more customization options is all!!