Feast of the Rose companions

Any recommendations for companions that might be worth picking up this year? I’m a late game player and sadly not an exceptional friend, so I’m exprcting to have to be picky about who I choose!

And out of the companions available - tell me your favourites! I have a soft spot for so many of the figures I’ve met over the years, regardless of whether they have stats use.

Verity is capricious, unreliable and deceptively cutthroat. On the other hand, I also have a full suite of cats so she fits in with my collection pretty well. Out of the new ones I’d say she catches my eye the most as a character and also aesthetically.

I’m also rather fond of the Incognito Princess, for similar reasons. She pricy, though.

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There are three companions you can get this year without spending FATE; Verity, Ivy, and the Diatomist. The Diatomist likely can be upgraded (converted into a more powerful character) at an event later in the year.

I have been playing so long that I don’t recall which companions I obtained at prior Feasts of the Rose. But I do have a lot of favorites. I actually like the Pink Painted Cat (one of the low level Rose gifts) because I have made up so many tales of her behavior in texts to fellow players for role-playing purposes. ("Yes, she’s such a sweet little thing. Or she has been since I managed to get all of that pink paint off of her! Before then…brrrr.). I have lots of cats and I love having all of them. My current favorite is the Inquisitive Lamp Cat.

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You can also, as far as I’m aware, still get any of the companions that debuted at a previous year’s feast for the same price.