Feast of the Rose 2022

[color=#0066ff]The false-stars are orbiting a little closer to the city; Bohemians have put on their suits without holes in them; the smell of lacre on the streets has very nearly dissipated. Love is in the air, and the Feast of the Rose begins once again.
[color=#0066ff]Discover all the festival has to offer through ‘Celebrate the Feast of the Exceptional Rose’, available throughout London.[/color]
Join the revels
[/color][color=#0066ff]Take part in the festivities to gain Masquing, which can be later spent on rewards. Exchange gifts of love (or scorn, or mysterious yet enticing indifference) with other players. Keep your gifts – or trade them for Masquing![/color]
[color=#0066ff]As always, additional Masquing can be obtained with Fate, which unlocks further options.[/color]
The Lady in Lilac
[/color][color=#0066ff]&quotYou are desired,&quot she says. &quotGive me the proof of it, and I’ll make arrangements.&quot
[color=#0066ff]Also starting on February 10th, the mysterious Lady in Lilac card will appear – allowing you to exchange your Feast gifts for Masquing. [/color]
Meet new faces
[/color][color=#0066ff]Every year, the Feast brings new companions to Fallen London. Starting next week, on February 10th, you will be able to spend your Masquing to attract companions from Feasts of the Rose past, as well as four returning characters who can now be encountered at the Feast.[/color][ul][li][color=#0066ff]Join the the Cloistered Diatomist at a party[/color]
[/li][li][color=rgb(0, 102, 255)]Visit the Genre Painter at his studio[/color][/li][li][color=rgb(0, 102, 255)]Encounter the Bohemian Sculptress at Heartscross Cemetery[/color][/li][li][color=#0066ff]Catch up with the Efficient Commissioner[/color]
[/li][/ul][color=#0066ff]Those last two can be unlocked with Fate.[/color]
[/color][color=#0066ff]Your Platonic-Partner-in-Crime requests help with a boost in her career. This small story is purchasable for Fate and will allow you to upgrade your Spouse.[/color]
For those who’ve encountered Captain Amelia Whitlock, a companion available in the second week of the Feast, it’s now possible to propose marriage. Should she agree, she will become your Spouse. Both of these new marriage expansions take place in your Lodgings.[/color]
Skin-bound memories and nuptial phantasies![/color]
[color=#0066ff]How better to prove your devotion than through permanent ink? High time for a visit to Clathermont’s Tattoo Parlour! Make your way to Ladybones Road to complete the story of the Clathermont family, as long as you have reached level 4 or higher in A Name in Seven Secret Alphabets.[/color]
Also available during the Feast of the Rose: Nuptial phantasies! Obtain a custom-tailored dream of marrying your favourite Fallen London character by visiting the Shopkeeper in Viric, in Veilgarden.[/color]
A new story
[/color][color=#0066ff]A new story has been added to Helicon House, continuing the ongoing arc of the Tentacled Entrepreneur. Helicon House is a late-game area that can be found in Ealing Gardens. This new story is a permanent addition, and will stay available after the Feast ends.[/color]
Key dates for the Festival[/color][ul][li][color=#0066ff]The Feast of the Rose starts on February 3rd[/color]
[/li][li][color=#0066ff]February 10th: An Encounter at the Feast and The Lady in Lilac become available. Trade gifts for Masquing, and obtain new companions.[/color]
[/li][li][color=#0066ff]February 17th: Gift exchanging and obtaining Masquing close. You will still have a week to exchange Masquing for companions and to experience Feast seasonal stories.[/color]
[/li][li][color=#0066ff]February 24th: The Festival ends. Any Masquing not spent will become Making Waves when Time, the Healer comes.[/color][/li][/ul]
edited by h4nchan on 2/3/2022

Yep it’s that time of the year again. I think I still have some leftover items from last year’s Feast of the Rose.

Happy Feast!

Personally, this year is a bit disappointing for me. No new Masquing gifts to collect, no new Nuptial fantasies and while the Platonic Partner in Crime being upgraded is nice, Amelia Whitlock unfortunately does nothing for me. I was rather hoping November could become an option as a spouse, since her comrade September got so much more attention and she deserves more exposition imo.

I am rather looking forward to the new Companions, though, especially the Diatomist and the Efficient Commissioner.

Hi! If anyone would send me any non-fate masquing gifts I’ll be happy to match them back. x

Enjoy the Feast of Roses, Delicious Friends!


I’m glad to see the Entrepreneur’s storyline get a follow-up. Not a vast amount of content, but it’s fascinating to see what type of artwork can be completely alien. I hope this continues to see expansions over time.

Also that landscape painter is really shaping up to be a terrible villain and I hope he doesn’t ruin everything.

Hey guys, first Feast for me, will try to always reciprocate any gift!


Anyone who gave me a gift shall receive a gift in return.


I will return what I can, but I make no guarantees

From what I can remember from last year’s Feast, this is a gist of what must be done:

  1. Send/receive gifts to your contacts, making gifts will use up expendable items (which newbies might not have too many of).

  2. Wait for the Feast card to appear on your deck, select the correct option to receive 1 or 2 Masquing. Dependent on Airs of London, some options require chance for success. Check the wiki.

  3. One week later, use your Masquing to redeem a companion. Non-Fate players can only accumulate up to a max of 30 Masquing.

By the way, congratulations to those whose Christmas Noman has survived till today. Now you can get that tattoo.

Sadly, no. Unless I’m mistaken, you need to wait until the 10th for Milicent’s parlour to open in the Forgotten Quarter.

Let’s have a good one lads, don’t think I attened the event for like, four years now ! My inbox stays open for everyone, even if I am not always as active as I’d like.

I’ll attempt to match what I can!

if you send me something i’ll try to match it for you

This is my first Feast of the Rose - I’ll try to reciprocate any gift!


Lavish me in rose-gifts. I’ll return the favour. And if I like you, perhaps even more.

I can send gifts of other nature (a question or two, perhaps?) to those who send me gifts of the season.

Even though my account is pretty old, this is my first &quotreal&quot time doing this since I ended up leaving and only came back recently. I’ll try to match if there’s no fate involved!


Happy to send gifts of all kinds. However, if you want to exchange FATE gifts, send me a message (either here or in game)