Feast of the Exceptional Rose 2015

I’m sure that in previous years the perfumed garden had its own storylet, so I am disappointed that you can only get there through the Feast of the Exceptional Rose storylet and use MW to do so. It was bad enough last year when they capped the rare success to get masquing but using MW just to get there makes it worse.

I’m just waiting for my candles to refill and then I might make one trip for now. It is too expensive to keep going back, I only just reground my Notability after getting some Masters Blood.

It’s only 3 CP. Annoying, but hardly a threat to anyone’s Notability, assuming one spends enough Actions there per trip. The diminished profits in the garden compared to my usual grinds are much more costly than the small entrance fee.

I just don’t understand the purpose of this extra entrance fee. Seems its only purpose is to annoy people.

just annoyed cant get the tanned mask and spiked thingy for myself…i guess there is the whole ment to be a gift thing.

first year for this so mostly interested in the tatto thing when it shows up, hopefuly can figure it out.

You can get there without the entrance fee from the feast card sometimes.

Having to pay just to enter an area has always been really annoying. One of the reasons I don’t visit Foreign Office much. Not sure why they did it for the pleasure gardens after two years of it working just fine.
I was confused at first, since I could not find the storylet in the usual place and my MW is zero (gave up trying to maintain Notability a long ago), so even in enjoy the Feast the entrance was buried under a mountain of presents at the very bottom…
Long story short annoying nerf is annoying.
edited by Fhoenix on 2/14/2015

I have another question about this whole holiday. If you are a POSI who has purchased whichever (non-Goat) companions they need already, and do not want to spend Fate here… is there any reason to participate at all? With each point of masquing costing about 10 echoes I want to decide in advance if I plan to take part.

There’s an option somewhere that gives you a Dreadful Surmise (312.5E) for 15 masquing, once. Also, you don’t need to use gifts, you could for example play the wheel of affection for masquing in the perfumed pleasure garden and gifts of scorn that can be exchanged for 1 masquing up to 5.

“Join the dancers” gives 1.5 echo of 3rd tier goods and an occasional masquing on rare success. And the card that gives the Surmise provides the masquing too. So no, you don’t need to spend echo on gifts if you don’t want to. That said, companions are the main draw of the event, if you don’t want any, you won’t have much to do.

Am I the only one who read this and thought, &quot50 Shades of Greyfields?&quot

I am?

Okay, just checking…

Is there a chance to spend Masquing during the Feast besides being acquainted with the Princess?

I believe there will be later, once Lilac starts coming around.

Most definitely.
If this goes as in past years, we’ll soon see the Lilac card, which allows to trade Feast gifts for more masquing, and the Encounter at the Feast card, which allows to use masquing to get unique pets/companions.

It does seem like the Feast gets a little bit more unfriendly to people who aren’t spending Fate every year. It wold be nice to know what the Masquing caps in the Perfumed Garden are, so it’s clear when you shouldn’t bother to spend the entrance fee to get in anymore.

I can’t answer the question in the second section, but the cap on Masquing for non-Fate gifts and small Fate gifts is actually higher this year–30 instead of 25. I think more options on the card give Masquing than last year, as well, though that I can’t swear to.

Joining the dancers rare success works if you have 17 or less, and I think the card-based ones work if you’re at 19 or below.

I am considering trading the high BDR masquing items with a friend. However, she says that she read somewhere that if you have them, you will continue to get cards offering to trade them in (presumably the Lady in Lilac card?) throughout the year, even if the Feast is over. I’m not sure the BDR is worth adding cards to my deck, so can anyone confirm if this is true?

There are no cards associated with the BDR gear I got last Feast (Tanned Mask and Golden Spiked Rosary).

That’s not true.

Thank you very much. It seemed unlikely but I wanted to check.