Feast of Exceptional Rose - Fate Gift Exchange

I’m looking for people who want to exchange Fate based gifts worth at least 10 points. I have ~250 Fate to trade. If you’re interested in, either message me or reply to this.

I would be interested. What are you after?

Honestly, just Masquing. I don’t have many of the Fate-locked pets, so I want to gather soe of the better ones.


I am willing to trade. Looking for a golden spiked rosary myself

Would you like a Luxuriantly Coiffed Sorrow-Spider? In exchange for sundry surprises adding to 50 Fate.

A Sorrow-spider sounds great. Would you like one as well or a Well Song?

Either, if you wish. I’d be just as happy with a combination of a few lower-priced things, if you don’t mind spending a few actions - say, a Tear-Drowned Collection of Incomprehensible Love-Poems and Terrifying Candies.

One sorrow-spider has been sent your way.
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Are you still interested in trading fate items? I’m looking for a starveling stole, key-to-heart dagger, and box of potentials, in exchange for any combination of items adding up to equivalent fate.

I would like to get the quiet deviless this year. Is there anyone willing to trade Fate items with me?

Interested in trading fate items worth 10 fate. For myself, I just needed the 10 Masque over non-fate limits of 30.

I’m looking to brute-force my way through this holiday with a judicious application of Fate. Anyone know if you can turn in the same item multiple times?

If so – I’m looking for four (4) Well-Songs. If not – I’m looking for big-ticket turn-ins which add up to 200 Masquing. All 200 don’t need to come from 1 person, but I do prefering trading in large items to minimize the action/card cost.

As an added bonus (since I have no contacts, making me lonely and desperate), I’ll toss a free 5-Fate item in with every trade. Unless you specify otherwise, it’ll be a Rose-Bearing Maggot because he’s so cute.

Send a message if you’re interested.

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Are people still looking for fate gift partners? <3

I am still looking for fate gift partners

How much masquing does each gift give? I have 30 masquing right now, and I’d love to reach 100 this year.

It says &quotThe recipient can trade this in for X masquing&quot.

I’d like to trade some fate gifts.
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I’m perfectly willing to exchange at least a few fate-gifts. Send me a PM or in-game letter if interested.


It tells you in the &quotCelebrate the Feast of the Exceptional Rose!&quot storylet.

Took me a moment to recheck. Sorry.
Thanks though for reminder.

It’s fine. ^^ Easy enough to forget or overlook.