When you become a POSI there’s a lot of options springing up that requires renown of a certain faction, whether that be bohemians, society or whatnot. I have also discovered: it’s stupidly difficult to grind favours.

I only desire to assert the fact that I either rely on opportunity cards (for the death of me) or go on ridiculously long carousels just for a single one of, say, about the two dozen that I need to get to renown 10.

Actually it’s very easy to get favours. I kept the Cheesemonger quest unfinished, her cards are very easy to get favours from.

You can also get a faction’s pet from Watchmaker’s Hill, you can get a favour from that faction when that pet’s card appears.

Various other actions and places allow you to earn favours. For example, getting acquainted with the Sardonic Music-Hall Singer, Repentant Forger, Regretful Soldier and the Wry Functionary and visiting them when their card appears. And attending a Party.

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If my memory is not completely rotten you can grind favours until renown 5 in Mrs Plenty’s Carnival. For all factions, without long loops.
Cards are important part of the game, you should flip them all the time anyway.


That’s a relatively recent thing. Up until a few years ago there were no repeatable non-card sources for most favours. There was no difficulty factor; you just had to wait.


Not a huge amount of help, I’m afraid, but remember you can get one favour of your choice a week by spending a Favourable Circumstance. I always forget to spend those.


Well, all options I already know of. I suppose I’ll have to keep checking cards…

The only difficulty is that you cannot stockpile more than 7 Favours at a time.

I mean, if what you need is renown as OP does, then there’s no real reason to not just cash favors in as soon as you get seven of them so the fact you can’t get more doesn’t matter too much

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I understand that. Only by difficulty I mean the sheer time it takes to grind them.