Favours are lovely now (edited)

With Tribute offering for favours nerfed now (going from 20 tribute for 5 favours to 23 tribute for 7 favours) I’m finding my hand clogged with Conflict cards again since I can’t dump them when I get to 5. This pretty much puts them back in the I’d Rather Not Bother With These camp since conflict payouts are not much worth it. I really wish there was a way to park the favours cards like lodgings, say once you’ve maxed out 55 renown with a faction.

Update: looks like I missed part of the patch changes, I think this concern was nicely addressed!

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FYI, they also added a storylet to spend all your favours by batch of 4 in Jericho Locks. It opens up progressively based on your Railway progress.


Ah, thanks for that! That’s a great solution as I had absolutely no use for half of my favour types and this seems a nice balance for end-game uses versus early game uses. Finally, something to do with my constables favours! :slight_smile:


Constables can also be used for a dispensation in the Magistracy, of course.


Oh geez, that’s awesome! Finally we no longer have to wait at a specific Railway station for its statue card to come up when wanting to unload Favours! Take that, RNG! :stuck_out_tongue: