Favours and Renown - the unspoken connections

Help, I have accumulated many Favours in High Places but can’t find a place to exchange them for Renown: High Places.
Also, is there any word on when the Favour/Renown mechanism will be implemented on the Boatman? I am grinding that connection right now.

Jokes aside, how awesome would it be for a new faction: Clay Men? Or Snuffers?
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Of course you can’t get any Renown with those High Places! This is the Neath, if you try to go somewhere higher you’ll get burned up by sunlight ;)[li]
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I read on the wiki that you can already get favours with the snuffers from some fate locked story, it counts as an item as well, apparently.

Its called &quotsnuffer’s gratitude&quot so we can be sure its different. (The description does talk about favors though)

From what I see the Clay Man that aren’t in complete servitude are rare, independent and have very varied agendas. The bigger, more united group are docile workers and not in a position to grant any favours.

Snuffers are even more independent, it seems?

We need a faction for Drownies, Clay Men, the Royal Court, and Rats.

It would be nice to have a Clay Man faction. Probably we don’t because the ones in Fallen London itself do not act in concert or as though they have a common interest.

The drownies might make sense as a faction, but they don’t interact with us enough. it’d be like having Favors:Sentient Clothes, or favors:the dawn machine.

Rats would be nice, and actually does make sense. Isn’t the court just an extension of society, though?

There is always Putting the Pieces Together: the Drownies, Mired in Clay, Society and Sympathetic about Ratly Concerns.

perhaps a late game connected may also be with the overseas settlements with intrigues in London i.e. the Khanate or the Presbyterate.

We need Connected Mr Eaten. (Kidding. Or AM I?) Also Connected Fingerkings, Connected Presbyerate, and Connected: Pets (Not to be confused with Connected Pets like the raven but rather a way of making all your companions and pets more useful)
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Favors: Self and Renown: Self

Don’t forget the Self Connected Pet!