Favorite Ways to Spend Favors

What are some of your favorite ways to spend criminal favors, rubbery favors, etc.? I’ve raised my renown as high as it can go for some of the factions, and I’m wondering how to best spend their favors. I know it’s popular to use docks favors to get expedition supplies. Are there any other useful/hilarious/uncommon ways to spend other favors?

I think the rubbery/revs conflict card is the best use for rubbery favours (over 3epa).

Trading collections of curiosities to tomb colonists is profitable.

For urchins, call in favours in the flit all the time its very nice!

The Tomb-colonies/Society conflict card yields 4.19 EPA, which is excellent for those of us not loaded with collections of curiosities.

I turn in my criminal favors on the implausible penance card for a very large magnificent diamond collection I don’t actually do anything with.

I get 5 favors and spend them on Crime or Punishment.
Any favors past 5 go to Thief’s Cache expeditions.
Any favors unable to be used on expeditions due to lack of supplies go to Implausible Penance (try to catch a glimpse of the notorious smuggler), and I avoid using the Gang of Hoodlums card since it’s unprofitable for that.

Either constables or revolutionaries conflict card; I’m not picky. I pretty much always have suspicion so the constables one is actually better. Not worth waiting for it when I’ve got the revolutionaries conflict card in my hand, though.

100% of the favors go to expeditions. Theif’s Cache if possible; if I don’t have enough criminal favors, I’ll burn off excess supplies/favors with the Shrine of a Deep Blue Heaven one.

Tomb Colonies:
Trading in Collections of Curiosities for maps. If I run out of collections, it’s not worth gathering them through the war of assassins, so I’ll save up 7 favors and turn them in on the Society conflict card.
In actuality I haven’t hit 40 renown yet so all my favors are currently going toward that. Eventually I’ll do the above, though.

Sell children’s souls to the devils. Very, very profitable. I got rid of my connection pet entirely so I can get tons of favors in Veilgarden; this has proven very nice and I’ve sold a little over 30 children’s souls since the Urchin’s favor conversion.
It’s ideal if I draw and play the conflict card at 5 urchin’s favors, though I’ll still use the Urchins card for more favors if I happen to draw it. I only keep the urchins card in my hand if I’m at 7 favors.
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Out of context quotes, only in Fallen London:

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I would prefer to draw the conflict card between the Rubberies and the Constables instead. I spend a lot of Rostygold converting Dock favours into Supplies. This source of Rostygold is by far the most action-efficient.

That said, all of my Favours: Criminals are spent on the Thieves’ Cache expedition.
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I would play crime or punisment, except both options lower quirks. I can’t side with the constables, or damage my 15 steadfast. And until constables get converted to favors, I don’t want to side with criminals and lose 500cp.

All my Criminal favours go towards Crime or punishment? and I avoid getting more than five, as said conflict card doesn’t scale. I only get favours above five if I have A merry sort of crime or An Implausible Penance in hand to spend the excess immediately. As I’m a Spirifer, I use An Implausible Penance for getting souls.

I’ve been using Criminal favours on the second of the “Arson and avarice” options on the “An implausible penance” card, since this gives 6 Echoes and an Urchins favour.

I’ve maxed out every faction’s Renown except Urchins, so I’m mostly doing it for the Favour. Criminal favours are bizarrely easy to get compared to all the other favours, so it is hardly necessary to save them.