Favorite Qualities and why?

In any game some folks prefer one thing or another, and usually there is a reason depending on the player… Fallen London due to its nature is no exception, tho you can surely level everything up to max… you (the players), probably don’t like the content of some qualities as much as others and went for other stuff first. I am assuming some here probably switched to another Quality later in the game for one reason or another, but I cant tell what goes on in another persons head so I wouldn’t know

So in order to see what people here generally prefer to play(and why) as I decided to just ask since I am not into forum browsing to often.
It doesn’t need to be a long writing, but longer does give more character.

I will start by sharing first:
I like Persuasive and Watchful the most,I have a mix of love for Mystery and enjoyment for various Social activities in London. The content also shows the more interesting Characters.
I also slip some Shadowy into the mix since being subtle fits the theme sometimes, but sometimes thievery is encouraged for something or another… and I like feeling a bit sneaky at times.(I like to be indirect.)

Regrettably I have no favorite storyline yet, but that is just because I have found entertainment in most of what I have read so far.
I dislike having a high dangerous, since it doesn’t fit my characters concept to be very tough, but sometimes to get something I guess even a very social(or snobby) person needs to be able to hand a situation when the stakes are down(I.E. no one to trick into doing it…)

My favourite quality is “An Incident at Millicent’s” because I always read it as “Indecent at Millicent’s”

Basically any circumstance quality is at the top for me(so many good ones there…), other than that I like renown, with anyone but being loved by the poor is usually a good thing for a revolution and who can forget the forgotten qualities like walking the fallen cities and qualities such as that?(approaching the gates of the garden, seeing through the eyes of Icarus, I can’t stop getting these as high up as possible :)).

And while we are here, who can forget GETTING AN UNCO-OPERATIVE REPUTATION 11 - …UNFINISHED?
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I really like building up my &quotSympathetic about Ratly Concerns,&quot though I can’t quite put my finger on why. Perhaps I like the idea of being on particularly good terms with my rattus faber companions.

I also like permanent circumstance qualities, like tattoos and your zodiac sign. I think they contribute a lot to my sense of who my character is.

Also, Marked by the Eater-of-Chains is a thrilling one to build up!

Edit: I can’t believe I forgot Scholar of the Correspondence! That’s possibly my favorite to grind :0)
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‘A taste of the garden’ and ‘a touch of the upstairs about you’ are my favourite qualities to raise. I enjoy the thought of my character slowly losing his sense of reality to two different ones at once.

Adrift in a sea of misery.

I have two favorites.

The first one is Fist of the Bazaar, because I feel it is the most appropriate quality for my character. There are only a couple of ways to raise it, so I’m a bit stuck on that at the moment!

The second is We’ll Always Have Paris, because it is something relatively unique, and something I have because I’ve gotten in to the community of the game! Also, I just really like the vibe it gives off. It’s cool.

put on lipstick and take off sunglasses


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The Mark of Destiny. Is that not the signifier of great tales?

It’s not my favorite (in fact, quite the opposite), but I think Advancing the Liberation of Night is a really great quality. In the technical sense it does literally absolutely nothing, but everyone has a very strong opinion about it. Some people will go to considerable lengths to avoid raising it! I think that’s an impressive achievement.

For myself, Prophet of the Gutter. I like indirect power. Besides, truth burns and I just got new curtains.

A Shepherd of Souls.

She’s a wretched, damned, debauched demimondaine, who never quite knows where she will awaken, and whether or not she will be covered in her own vomit or still have her knickers on. A thief and a murderess, a seducer of priests who cavorts with devils and who can’t even recall how she ever got so lost. Her own soul is long gone, but she takes some small comfort from knowing her old chum the regretful soldier now has a wife who is complete once more. She is a Shepherd of Souls.

At least she has that.

Having re-read the original post, I think we’re supposed to be talking about the main stats rather than qualities in general. Oh well, never mind, it has led to some very interesting posts.

But here’s my tuppence-worth about those and my attempt to actually answer the poster’s question: When I made my character I saw her being a thief, a low-grade pickpocket to begin with, who had aspirations of becoming a gentlewoman thief, cat-burglar and stealer of diamond necklaces from off the very necks of the great and the good. So naturally I gravitated towards Shadowy pursuits, and picked the Light Fingers ambition.

But somehow, things didn’t turn out that way. She’s now a POSI and Dangerous is by far her highest stat. Shadowy lingers way behind in last place, the last one to limp over the 100 finishing line, and still hovering only just above it. What happened is that I found the activities associated with the other three stats much more fun once I got to the Flit, and always found something I was more interested in doing than those confounded big scores and heists and wotnot. I had much more fun messing about in the Labyrinth of Tigers, pottering around the University, and engaging in Bohemian pursuits all over the place, so my Shadowy pursuits have been sorely neglected.

One day she will return to the path of the master criminal, but for now she is much too distracted by other stuff.

I have to agree with the thread creator. Watchful + Persuasive will get me some fun storylets and &quotHeart’s Desire&quot is a very interesting ambition.
I mean who doesn’t want to be suave and a smartass? (At least sometimes.)

While my main char has dangerous and watchful as his &quotmain attributes&quot, the dangerous stat sometimes feels you always grind for beating up bigger nasties/thugs/unpleasant people. I guess Feducci was an interesting enough figure in FL.

If we still talking about meta qualities:

(Something of a &quotoh crap&quot moment for me, when i really needed the Brass ring from the &quotFidgeting Writer&quot grind roulettte. At leat it doesn’t do much. For now.)

Dramatic tension
(I am dong way too much &quotwar of assasins&quot and &quotbusiness in Wilmot’s End&quot.)

For any self-respecting Rat-Catcher, A Legend Among Ratkind is very fitting.

I would normally answer Watchful for main stats, because it advances my goals-as-player to discover more about the lore. & I love role playing as the Lovecraft/Odin archetype: a seeker of knowledge prepared to sacrifice anything to get it.

However! This week I am feeling fond of Dangerous, because it has finally reached 200. I believe it was roughly 170 back in May last year, when I embarked on a lengthy zee voyage. I did not expect at the time that I would hit the stat cap before seeing shore again.

Bizarre. It’s such a great, odd quality that encompasses all manner of strange items you can get

One of my favorite qualities is &quotIn search of a stiff drink.&quot Because haven’t we all been there at some point, here in the city?

In terms of stats, I’m fond of Watchful and Persuasive. Nothing like a person who notices forgotten details and twists social situations around to meet their goals.

I spotted one that raised a chuckle when I started doing the heists. I really like that your, um, not-getting-caughtness quality is, with a little nod to Gilbert and Sullivan, called &quotCat-Like Tread.&quot

Always makes me think of Kevin Kline and his marvelously hammy and not-at-all-stealthy pirates.

I see Shadowy isn’t getting any love. Shame, I like that stat coupled with Persuasive (yeah, I fancy myself a criminal mastermind). Although, I agree that Shadowy is the weakest stat story-wise. I hope that Mahogany Hall will prove to be a bit more exciting than the Flit.

Among all qualities, I personally favour You Make Your Toasts To: Yourself! You will reign from the shadows! It just gives me the idea that my character has such an inflated ego… (Besides, it’s quite fitting for an ambitious criminal mastermind)

I like my The Boatman’s Opponent, simply for the idea that a certain class of Fallen Londoners sat down together one day to work out a quantifiable system, which measures how well they literally cheated Death.

Possibly by deliberately walking through a mirror for the express purpose of spitting in his face over a game of chess.