Favorite Music of the Masters

If the Masters had access to all music up to present day, what would they listen to the most?

Mr. Wines: Party Rock. Viva la Vida (but only when he’s by himself).

Mr. Pages: 10 hours of relaxing tunes to listen to while reading.

Mr. Veils: Lyric-less mix tapes. Most likely Skrillex.

Mr. Irons: Acapella. Pen-scribbling ASMR.

Mr. Sacks: All I Want For Neathmas Is You on a 24 hour loop.

Mr. Eaten: Rolling in the Deep.

Lofi commingled choirs to studicate/tranquilax to.

NASA recordings of outer space, of course.

Stormy weather. Officially canon at least for one Master after first Heart’s Desire update.

Mr Wines: Illegally downloads songs to play at his parties.