Favorite alternate playlists to the soundtrack?

I love the Skies/Sea soundtracks as much as the next obsessed individual, but sometimes if I’ve been playing enough I need a break. I don’t wanna switch up the mood too much. Lately I’ve been listening to Cultist Simulator’s soundtrack which is perfect, but I’m starting to itch for something else to add to my repertoire. Anything you guys throw on when you wanna cruise around for a couple hours without messing with the atmosphere? Just for clarification, I listen to podcasts while playing all the time; specifically looking for soundtracks, albums, playlists. Any thoughts?

Not a soundtrack but the vibes to some of Cosmo Sheldrake’s stuff gives off a good vibe to me

A couple of albums that I’ve used to get into the Sunless Series have been Daughter’s &quotNot to Disappear&quot for Shoegaze atmospheric vibes, and Miles Davis’s &quotB____es Brew&quot to fill the dark stretches of horrors with brassy, electric jazz. I haven’t listened to Pink Floyd or &quotAnimals&quot in a while, but it could be a nice soundtrack to some Liberation-type deeds.

A mix of my favorites from Sunless Sea (like Lowlands!) and some pieces from the Fallen London OST. I have also tried other game music like Heroes of might and magic 3 and 4. Imo 4 has better music for example these three: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLdFvfRc5j2zSuW3hDCdEs26TP87wo9wDL