Faustic Corsairs

The corsairs have been bothering me for a while. Back when they were an incomplete beastie (complete only in possessing cute story copy if you cut them down for the hell of it), they knowingly unrewarding and having fun with it. Now they have an image and there are enough of them in the waters around Palmerston that it’s tricky to avoid a fight …which is fine, as they don’t seem to be able to do me any damage, but irritating in that they have high hull (300) and big guns so it’s a protracted stagger fest - at the end of which, having used up lots of fuel, the pickings are very very lean.

Are they still on the snagging list? Because the more I bump into them, the more they still feel incomplete.

My unconfirmed suspicion is that they’re placeholders. Zee-beast rewards are fairly well implemented, but all ships that aren’t Steam-Pinnaces or Frigates give the same generic reward.

Ah, I hadn’t spotted that as I mostly only kill pirates - I haven’t got used to the idea that I can take down the big guns down south, and I avoid the Khaganians now that it’s so hard to take them alive. Although my espionage activities have racked up enough suspicion that I could probably just declare war at this point and see what comes of it!

I get all sorts of things taking down ships - I’ve even got a couple of mirror-catch boxes from the shiny Dreadnoughts. (edit to be clear I have got one box on two separate occasions not two from one battle)

I do find the Faustic Corsairs a bit too tough, I am more likely to take damage and the random reward isn’t the best.
edited by reveurciel on 2/3/2015

I’ve still got them down as placeholders, the rewards given for the amount of slog involved is significantly under what I would expect, if they gave off a decent amount of fuel (given where they come from), that would be fine.