Father's Bones and the journal

I must have been absent minded… I was doing the father’s bones quest and I guess I didn’t commit to memory what the next step was. I’ve forgotten, don’t know where to go next – this wouldn’t normally be a problem except that to my surprise the journal does not record this information apparently. It mentions the existence of the father’s bones quest but unlike others like admiralty strategic quests, it doesn’t mention any specific info, like where I need to go next. I would have paid more attention (was distracted at the time I guess), committed it to memory instead of clicking through if I’d known. I guess I’m stuck now? odd that the journal doesn’t record this info… am I missing something?

What step are you at?

If you have collected all the items you need to go to the place that told you to go to the Fathomking. That depends on your past but the five possible places are the Chapel of Lights; the Chelonate; Kingeater’s Castle; Nuncio or Visage.

If you have any of the items to collect there will still be clues in your journal.