Fated to go North (aka Have Some Fate)

Though the North has called for many years it is only now I choose to listen and begin to hear.

Becoming what I have become was meant to prepare me for the North and yet fear paralyzed me. I could not - I would not. Yet now I will. Another has joined me, clinging to my head, another who reminds me of myself or who I see myself to be or who I was meant to be. With them, I will not be alone, I need not fear, the North will, must take us both.

Why does this matter to you?

I shed that which now means nothing, freeing myself to Seek and reach my fate. Fate, the pertinent word.

Before I go North I would like to pass along a few hundred Fate I’ve absentmindedly acquired.

Fallen London

And that’s how you rid yourself of 600 Fate in less than 24 hours. The practice I had circling the well hundreds and hundreds of times assuredly assuaged any reticence.

Congratulations to the one person who correctly interpreted my ravings and to the one person who exploited my fondness for urchins. May you never seek the Name.

My thanks to those who messaged and I pray you will be generous when your own opportunity arises.


If the edit above is not clear, this is now completed but I wish all well and wish none ever Seek.


Pardon the continued conversation with myself.

And after nine years and eleven months, I have gone North.

For those who record such things, I believe I’m the first to bring not only Mr. Cards but also Mr. Transport through the door. Two less Masters, now? Or were neither of us ever, really?

Thanks, FBG, for many years of fun.


Thank you for your generosity to the community and congratulations on completing your journey!!!