Fate of Needles (Potential Spoilers)

Hello delicious friends.

Can someone tell me what the Fate of Needles is all about? I saw a reference to it on the wiki while I was looking up something else, but I cannot for the life of me figure out what story it connects to.

It’s from Sunless Sea, and tracks your progress on one of the new starting quests.

This one, in particular, has to deal with a Benthic student who wants to dissect a Fluke.

No idea what it’s doing on the FL wiki, though.

Sorry, by starting quests, do you mean like giving passage for the August Travel-Writer or that one lady looking for Lady Black? Because I’ve not seen this one. If it is, do you know what background you have to take for it?

Also, it’s on the SS wiki, not FL, no worries.

Yep, those are the ones :)

From what I can tell who you get out of the four is set randomly with each new captain regardless of background, but I might be reading that wrong.

1 = August Travel Writer
2 = Gnomic Gallivant
3 = Anxious University Student - the one you’re after. Fate of Needles is their story progress tracking value.
4 = Unsettled Salvager

The value for setting which one is ‘A Request for Passage’ if you wanted to check it on the wiki?

Hope that helps.

edited by Charlotte_de_Witte on 11/9/2016

Thank you! That helps a lot. I’ve had the travel-writer 4 times and the salvager once, haha. Damn the RNG, no matter where I go.