Fate Locked Content: Jack of Smiles

Hi everyone. I’ve reached the first fate-locked point of the Jack of Smiles storyline, where I have two options - either investigate further or take a fate-locked option. The second option looks interesting to me, but I want to be a little more comfortable about what I’m getting into. Could someone PM me with a very very broad description of the consequences of this action, namely will it exile me to the colonies / send me down the river / royal bethlethem / new newgate?

I have things on the go and do not wish to lose progress in certain areas at the moment.

Sent. We think that should suffice. For future reference, though, it’s Jack-of-Smiles. =P[li]
edited by Snowskeeper on 2/16/2014

Thanks, Snowskeeper - question answered.

Hi! Could I please get a similiar PM… but not with the consequences, which I don’t want spoilt yet, but detailing which qualities or items may enhance this storyline? As in, will having a very high Dangerous, Shadowy or other quality allow me to eperience more horrifying FUN? Should I lower my Menaces beforehand or is that superflous? Any effects on Knife-and-Candle (not counting death)? Any effects of possessing some advanced cutlery?

EDIT: All questions answered, thanks to Snowskeeper.
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