Fate Based Jack-Of-Smiles Ending?

Is it worth it? i’m at that part now, I wanna end Jack but i’m also super curious

It’s precisely what’s advertised: both endings together. You get to end Jack and also confront his (its?) creators. Whether it’s worth it or not is up to you.
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No, no, no. Do not play it. It is bad. The shop’s destruction is straightforward and completely anticlimactic. Losing the &quotJack’s Still About&quot quality gives nothing and locks out several pieces of content. What’s more, it creates a dissonance between your personal game and the game world at large - Jack still shows up in sidebar snippets, Airs of London descriptions, NPC dialogue, and so forth. Jack isn’t gone. Your qualities say that Jack is gone, and your qualities are wrong. Jack is still in London, except when you go looking for them. You would be paying money for a dissatisfying and poorly-constructed ending. I’d have reset and replayed the story long ago if FBG didn’t have the gall to charge $5 for the privilege of undoing the mistake which I already paid them for.

Learn from someone who played the Fate ending to the Jack-of-Smiles case. Don’t destroy the shop. And definitely don’t pay money to destroy the shop.
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The game does explicitly justify that - it says somewhere that Jack will still be around for a while, until all the knives are out of circulation, but eventually he’ll be gone.

I kinda regret going for the secrets option, since it was rather OOC and done for monetary reward.

Oh well. I can pretend I destroyed Jack.

I suppose it depends on what you’re wanting out of your ending, how tight fate is, and what you’ve done so far. I’d recommend waiting until you get the An Annoyance to Jack-of-Smiles quality up to its limit of 4 if you’re a completionist and plan to destroy Jack. Fate is also something to consider, since you may want to save it for something special if it isn’t easy to come by for you. Overall, destroying Jack is mainly rationalized by rp reasons, since it’s a pretty inconvenient due to closing off a few options in-game as previously stated. If your character is the kind of person to let curiosity or practical benefit to outweigh stopping a menace to society, you want the more practical/beneficial end, or are just that dang curious, then feel free to spare Jack and meet his creators. The Fate option may be worth it if you want the best of both worlds, and if Fate is something you can spend easily enough, then it’s a pretty okay option if you’re alright with the restriction from Jack-related options. Keep in mind that you get the Honoured with a Statue quality if you defeat Jack or choose the Fate option, which is basically a statue that NPCs gave you in honor of your actions. Fun fact: repeating the storyline nets you a single point of the Statue quality each time you defeat Jack, so you could theoretically replay the storyline multiple times to build it up as much as you want. Make of that what you will.

Thanks everyone! I ended up not buying it

Does it really lock you out of all that much? All I see are a few options in Watchmaker’s Hill that I’ve long outgrown anyway. In any case, I certainly haven’t missed any of them, and I wasn’t about to let Jack win, as it were. My only regret n destroying the place is that I didn’t have the cash to confront the [redacted], which is precisely what my character would have done.

The main monetary draw of keeping Jack about would be the option on the Smoky Flophouse. Hands out favors (most the time…) and a 2.5E rare success.

The Clay Sedan Chair has a fairly decent option too, with a rare success that bestows an Antique Constable’s Badge on top of three Tales of Terror. The failure also reduces Nightmares a bit.

Huh? I paid the Fate for it, so I could have both endings at one. I never regretted it, the reasoning was spot on. However, if I understand correctly, getting rid of Jack robs you of profitable options?

There’s only a small number of things where it actually matters, and they’re all listed here:


Sir Joseph put everything I wanted to say better than I could, but I’ll add that I think it’s one of the better expenditures of Fate, given how dug in to contemporary London Jack is (IIRC, the truth about Jack’s origins is a pretty important insight into what’s really going on in the Neath).