[Fate] A Meeting on the Embankment advice wanted.

As of now, there are no long-term consequences, as the story is unfinished. It stops directly after you make your choice.

If I were you, I’d just leave it hanging there for now.
edited by phryne on 10/11/2017

I agree with phryne, best to just leave it for now if you’re worried about doing something unchangeable and want to see where it goes before deciding on an option. That said, I do have some opinions on the matter.

Selling out the Bishop to Hell or the Masters would certainly be a choice for one immersed in the Great Game, though colluding with the Masters on the matter would certainly make your character complicit with whatever plans they drew from this, and selling out to Hell would be more like taking the side of Hell in the next war rather than staying neutral. If you’re wanting to stay neutral, telling the Bishop no but keeping his secret may be your best bet. Whether not involving yourself with his schemes will lead to him lacking the support needed to begin the war or merely making a weaker fighting force that will provoke Hell anyways is uncertain, and may mean something entirely else as well. I personally think that he’s willing to throw whatever he can at Hell, so make of that what you will. Siding with him and agreeing to his plan is certainly the more interesting and morally ambiguous of the options. We can’t be sure if London is any more likely to win this time than the last, though they certainly have the bonus of a renewed fighting force and interested third parties. You’ll also be leading many men and women to their deaths (or potentially worse fates), though these people are most likely aware of the danger and are willing to fight regardless, so maybe that eases your guilt on the matter. Even winning the war would lead to unprecedented consequences for London, but I’d say that attaining desired knowledge as well as rescuing the prisoners and lost souls of Hell would be a definite plus.

I went with the Bishop of Southwark’s plan, because the guy is a cult of personality that I can get behind and want to support, not to mention that the A Bringer of Death quality boost and his pining for a lover lost behind enemy lines really pushed me over the line. Regardless, I don’t think you can go wrong from any one choice, but waiting it out is certainly the safest bet so far.
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Likely a reference to the &quotHeavenly Host&quot, though St Fiacre’s is prone to talking about non-Biblical subjects using Biblical terms.