Faster way to get Antique Mysteries

Hey there. Bit of a newbie question here.

I’m trying to get more antique mysteries, so I can trade 50 of them for the Reservation at the Royal Bethlehem Hotel, from the Merry Gentleman. So far the fastest way I’ve found is going to the Flit, prepare for a big score, and then rob a particular character (Feducci).

Is there any faster way to acquire antique mysteries, that doesn’t involve spending echoes or Nex?

Thank you in advance.

Have you already traded in all your Trade Secrets? That’s one way to get a few more. And you can also side-convert third tier resources to Mysteries of the Elder continent and then convert those up to Antique Mysteries. But perhaps that counts as “spending Echoes”?

I have traded in my trade secret. Could you explain what you mean by side converting third tier items? Do you mean items besides relics of the third city?

Have a look at the item conversion table in my signature line for detail on side conversions - Gillsing means converting Tier 3 items from other categories in lots of 50 until you get to Mysteries of the Elder Continent, and then converting those upwards.

You can also do the Fidgeting Writer and cash in 25 Room Numbers! You’re going to need various Tier 3 items for that, but those are reasonably easy to get, and while this grind can be frustrating, it’s pretty time efficient and at least not completely dull.

To elaborate, you need Tales of Terror, Visions of the Surface, Correspondence Plaques and Brilliant Souls.
Given that the first three checks of the FW seem to be at 70% and the fourth one at 60%, you will, on average and rounded, need:

121 Tales of Terror
85 Sense of Deja Vu, therefore 85 Visions of the Surface
60 Glimpse of Something Larger, therefore 120 Correspondece Plaques
42 Deals with the devil, therefore 82 Brilliant Souls
25 Room Numbers to convert.

Total cost: 333 actions, 204 Echoes of supplies, for 625 Echoes of Antique Mysteries: 1.26 pence won per action. According to a thread on this forum, Thefts of Particular Characte nets 126 ppa if you have a Gang of Hoodlums.
Meaning, if you have them Hoodlums. they are slightly more effective by around 7 actions in toto- the actions you need to sideways-convert various stuff you steal in the Flit (for, you remember, 126 ppa) to the other required items. If you don’t have Q Gang, maybe don’t even want it (feeding an informant to the devils is a bit too hardcore for my character) the Fidgeting Writer is more efficient.
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