Fast ways to get Dangerous

I somehow got the Ambitious Barrister for dangerous (I had 10 dangerous). So I would like to get 100 dangerous, any good ways to get it fast?

not ninety levels of it no, but choosing the dangerous training profession should give you a significant boost every week until you reach level seventy

However it sounds like you’ve happened upon a bug, I’d suggest emailing Failbetter

There’s no bug - after you play the first card and talk to the Ambitious Barrister in your Lodgings you need to take a tour of the four starting areas. The first is Watchmaker’s Hill, the last is Ladybones Road. You’ll need to be able to get to 100 in all four stats.

Just going through the starting dangerous storylines should get you quite a lot.

Personally, I gathered up a lot of cash from my early Flit days and used it to buy a load of Dangerous clothing (still missing the rifle, though).

But if you can’t just buy stuff, I think maybe a certain Tomb-Colonist’s combat rings will be able to help you out, especially if you have a Talkative LB and some other Dangerous reduction going on. It’ll only be really effective if you’re really good in at least a couple of your other skills.

EDIT: If you’d rather speed it up a little - if you have little Dangerous equipment and 100 Echoes waiting to be spent, you can buy a hat, gloves, boots, and a basic suit (from Gottery) with all that. It gets +17. If you saved the LB chief for your own reasons and also beast the fighting rings, you’ll have +9 from that, getting a total of +26. It’s zmooth zailing from there.
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How do you get a Tomb colonist’s combat ring?

Follow the Dangerous storyline, my friend. If you’re one of those people who is squeamish about killing people, don’t worry - you may be able to use your other skills until you reach Wolfstack Docks.

So you need to have killed a large rat, exterminated sorrow-spiders, and defended your lodgings from L.B.

After all that you’ll have access to the fighting rings in Watchmaker’s Hill. Bring lots of rostygold and/or Tales of Terror.

EDIT: If you can still maintain a high Shadowy and Persuasive when the Talkative Rat is with you, you will be good to go. If not, seek other sources of -Dangerous or you’ll be staking the items you accessed the ring with.

Well, I just noticed you were only at 10 Dangerous. If you need to get it up quickly, add me as a contact and send me requests for Sparring Bouts from your Lodgings so you can use them in the same storylet. If anyone else wants to help that’ll be great.
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Specifically the Sparring Bouts boost Dangerous and provide Hard-Earned Lessons, which can be spent five at a time to increase Dangerous further. You can also post in the Patronage thread over here; Dangerous specialists can help you increase your Dangerous (up to a modified 100) at the cost of a Free Evening each time.
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