Farming Rostygold?

So i need tons of rostygold for obtaining a gang of hoodlums. I’m wondering what’s an efficient way to do it.
Presently i’m duelling the black ribbon club, that gives a nice bundle at a time. but it’s not clear which one is the most efficient to fight, or if this is anything close to an efficient rostygold source at all.

i’d appreciate other ideas

If you don’t care about your Connected: Society, you could go to Watchmaker’s Hill and hunt rats, I think the results scale with your dangerous, and after that you can turn the rats into Rostygold.

nope they don’t. the results from that are pretty static

It’s boring, but I believe the most straightforward, fast way is to use Unfinished Business in Watchmaker’s Hill. You get an average 120 Rostygold per action, which is better than how long it’ll take you to do any of the duels, or to grind the rats via Unfinished Business in Spite and turn them into Rostygold. (Unfinished Business in Spite gives rats at around the same rate as hunting in Watchmaker’s Hill, plus doesn’t destroy your Society connection.)

However… however, if you grind more than 3700 rats and then turn them all into Rostygold. At 3700 rats or higher, it’s a more efficient grind than Unfinished Business for Rostygold.

If you want to go for something weirder, though – you could do (or redo?) the Big Rat storyline and gain all your Running Battle from

…gaining a secluded address (and a point of scandal) every time you raise Running Battle, and then duel Chi Lan as quickly as possible, trying again if you lose. That would probably end up being a more profitable grind because of the Secluded Addresses, if not a faster one. Chi Lan is the more efficient duel because it’s never efficient to raise your chances of winning to 100% – but Feducci kills you if you lose, which is terrible inefficient. For this you’d also need a way to burn off scandal efficiently – ideally a friend who’s willing to be your dupe. Say, there was someone asking about how to get to the Tomb-Colonies quickly on another thread…

So while Feducci is dangerous, losing to him only drops you about a level’s worth of CPs of Running Battle. When you end up down a slow river, you can search for the Courier for the Dead card. Gaining that ability (and not fulfilling your commission) will allow you to use that against Chi Lan and increase the reward (I can’t further remember if it takes the luck check away too).

Watchmakers Hill - Unfinished Business - Wade into the Ring Fights

It costs five actions, and becomes 100% straightforward with a dangerous of 167, but is very lucrative.