Farming Direful Reflections

Hi everyone,

Any suggestions on the most efficient way to grind these? I only have nine currently, but am looking to grind significantly more.


If you’ve bought Flute Street, you can get one at the end of every cycle with the option on the Rubbery Hound’s card that costs 2 Extraordinary Implications.

If you’re still looking to collect by Christmas, you could try and stockpile pails of lacre - they turn into reflections when they melt. But this, of course, precludes using the Taste of Lacre quality.

Otherwise, you’re looking at torching off Ruthless and Magnanimous in Veilgarden - as far as I know.

Daedalus - thank you. I do have Flute Street and have been meaning to revisit; it’s been a while.

Understood on the lacre quality; thanks.

The Ruthless/Magnanimous in Veilgarden is the “Dabble in the Great Game” storylet, I presume? I think that’s two Extraordinary Implications as well.


There is also the option of cashing in “is someone there?”-Dream Progress in the cave of the nadir. You need Nightmares two to draw the card, and it’ll get you a direful reflection for 10 cp of dream progress.
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Thanks Achanei - another option, but dream qualities are so hard to raise that I’d be hesitant to use that route.


I do not mean to sound rude, but out of curiosity, is there any particular reason you need Direful Reflections?

Do we really need anything in FL?


Preparing for a Parabolan Base Camp. Just looking for things to do now that I’m at the higher end of the character arc.


In theory:

Although even without the &quotImpossible!&quot lock, it’s not the the 101 DR requirement that’s the tough part here.

But it might be the case that whenever (if ever) this becomes a thing you can actually do that some quantity of reflections will be required.

Yeah…how would one even even raise “Is Someone There” to 99? Who knows when or if this will be implemented, but at least it current gives end game characters something to do in between exceptional stories.


There’s an Is Someone There? card that doesn’t lock, plus the card in the Nadir that gives 1 CP to all dreams. But even so, if that option ever unlocks, they’ll have to lower the requirements significantly or add some new way to increase the dream quality. It would take years to get that high.

Indeed. I’ve only been in the Royal Beth for insanity once, and used the Thunder to get into the Mind of a Dead God twice, and my highest Dream Qualities are in the low 20s. I can’t imagine how long it would take to get even one Dream quality (i.e., Is Someone There?) to 99.

I am also farming those for the Parabolan Camp, through the Nadir and the Inerpreter of Dreams card. The latter unlocks at Nightmares 3, and you need to pick “a consultation about chess dreams”. It eats up a bit of your chess dreams, but it has gotten me to 41 Direful Reflections so far.