[Fan Art] ENKINDLE: An Exceptional Fanstory

My partner and I, the uneven faces of Janus on the letterhead of the Firm of Lethifer and Cruxhallow, have been telling each other stories from London for 8 years, now. For our anniversary this year I decided to go big. The result… got a little out of hand.

At 70k words and 12 endings, it is the largest project I have ever completed. And now, with their blessing and that of our Delicious Hosts, I offer it to you.

Please enjoy ENKINDLE.

And, should you do so; please treat Lethifer with care. They mean the world to us.

Well! That is vexing, given that the main thrust of Twine is that it’s basic HTML and you can ostensibly run it on any browser. I’ve PM’d you with some possible solutions.

I’ve been playing it for a while now, and am massively enjoying it! I love your style of writing, all of the characters (especially your bosun, obviously), and generally feel as if this was created by FBG.
Is there any place i can read up on Crux and Leth, though? I keep feeling like i’m missing context on both, especially Leth.
edited by Masseurse on 4/25/2021