Family and Law

For being such a short story encountered so early, it’s one of my favorites. My character, career Shadowy though he is, could never have have sided other than with the Constable. He’s a vicious adversary of the Cheery Man. This got me to thinking, though, that it’s unique that you have to side with the Cheery Man in order to establish Closest To:Criminals. (No Thieves’ Oaths for me, even if my reasons for crossing him weren’t exactly about law and order).

Upon considering that, it occurs to me also that this IS a rather short storyline, encountered rather early. Is there a way of resetting the choice? I’m happy with where I sit. Although I’d love to be able to be Closest To the Criminals, I also prefer for choices to have consequences. As I perceive it, this is one of the most absolute choices that is thrust upon a character so early. (Starting primary stat, for example, can be reset with Fate. Almost anything else can be modified, even if at some cost in Fate or in game resources).

So my character is Closest to the Game, since acquisition of information is only more abstract than of other items. But still, my character is on the border of becoming Eminent. Surely by now he’s above the authority of the Medusa’s Head?

Unfortunately there is no way to reset Family and Law.

Well, that’s one way to look at it. For me, anything which adds a card to the deck is bad, unless the card is significantly profitable. So for me, you get punished by siding with the Cheery Man (though it’s slightly better now with the Criminal Favours).

I note also that the text of the Family and Law tag reads “Finished for Now,” which implies that there may be an intent to revisit the story on the part of the Devs. In their abundant spare time.

– Mal