Family and Law??

I switched side at the last moment, since I do not trust a lady who is thinking of enlisting hell to catch her daddy. Now I am a Turncoat. Is this a permanent mark? Should I prepare for consequences? How bad is it? Can I get rid of it later on?

It does nothing until it reaches 4. Then you have to pay some connections to continue a grind.

I dropped my phone and may have reported this. Sorry.

One level of Turncoat will not hinder you in any way. If it gets high enough to be a problem, you’ll be given a way to get rid of it (at great expense).

Got it, thank you. So getting Turncoat is much rarer than wounds and suspicion, right? No need to worry?

Yeah, there are only a handful of storylets that can give it, and most of those are concentrated in endgame content.

I don’t think you actually can get rid of Turncoat 1. You have to raise it higher for the option to clear it to appear. And it’s very easy to get some Turncoat since mis-clicking in the Affair of the Box will give it to you.
But Turncoat 1 does not harm you in any way, so don’t worry.

I’ve always thought that family and law asks you to make a locking choice far too early, without a way to take it back until … well, there isn’t yet, is there?

You cannot be hindered in anyway by Turncoat until at least 100+ Shadowy, and by then it can be easily fixed by spending a bit of Connected: Revolutionaries.

I assume it will become harder in the future when they revamp the Favours system for revolutionaries, though.

There isn’t. The lady in question, if you help her, &quotescape to London’s colony on the Elder Continent to do some good and catch villains&quot, except even when you become said place’s governor she is nowhere to be seen. But she still found the time to sneak back to London for the Feast.

When even your &quotLast Constable&quot is consumed by sloth, you know the city’s doomed.
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