Fallen London wiki down?

I think it’s been down all day. Does anyone have any information about what the issue is?

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According to Asartea on the subreddit:

As you might have noticed, the Fallen London Wiki is currently down. Unfortunately, it appears these issues are disk related, and it might be several days before we know what the exact status is, and even longer before it will be up and running again.


Oh my! :grimacing:

Thank you for the information!

Let’s hope this wasn’t actually caused by someone trying to write a Discordance guide and accidentally invoking a NO ONE SHALL READ law…


The wiki breaks just after SMEN and the Discordance spoiler policy is relaxed…



We always have web.archives which can offer snapshots to almost any site. Here’s our Wiki in question: Fallen London Wiki.

Because of the magnitude of the archives and the fact that this is a free service, browsing snapshots is quite slow. :slight_smile:


Wiki is back!

Content is rolled back to March, currently. And comments and log ins aren’t in a great place.

Announcement: Fallen London Wiki:July 2023 Downtime - Fallen London Wiki


From Reddit user UleeBunny:

More like a tomb colonist. There are a lot of missing bits and pieces but it is better than it being dead.

♫ Auferstanden aus Ruinen ♫
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Strangely prophetic, all things considered.

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