Fallen London time zone?

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I have a question - what is the Fallen London’s in-game timezone?

It’s more or less known that dates correspond directly and year translates with a -122 shift (e.g. today would be 18 July, 1893). However, is the time strictly GMT/UTC or does it follow summer time shifts?

Historically, it probably shouldn’t, since BST was established in 1916, not to mention that summer time has very little sense in the Neath.

However, does anyone know if journal entries follow summer time or not (that is, when does the journal date roll over)?

&quotThey say that all Neath-made clocks are powered by moon-pearls.
They say that Mr Cups knows every clock in London.
They say that certain movements of the bat-flocks interfere with the pearls, and every so often, clocks in London lose or gain an Hour or two in Unison, and nobody notices.
They say that the trade in unauthorised clocks accounts for three-quarters of London’s moon-pearl consumption every year.
They say that every Surface metronome ticks secretly in time with a Neathly clock.
They say that foreign-made clocks bring qualities of time with them; an Australian clock will make your parlour feel expectant at coffee-time, a Turkish clock will bring sweet warmth to your dreams. Very few people can afford to find out if this is true.

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Whatever time it is in London, it’s Greenwich Mean Time. D**n the rest of the world if that’s inconvenient or just plain illogical.

Much like the presence of a decimal currency, I presume player convenience outweighs historical precision.