Fallen London: the State of the Game, 2024

With the release of the City in Silver, we have finally closed the chapter on the Railway storyline. The Feast of the Rose approaches, and you are probably waiting to hear what’s coming next.

But Janus’ month is a good time to look both forward and backwards. So, more than a simple roadmap blog, we want to look at how we did last year and set some goals for the future. Read on for a post from Bruno, containg information on the upcoming Feast of the Rose and other delights coming in early 2024: https://www.failbettergames.com/news/fallen-london-the-state-of-the-game-2024


Is a “Lovingly Be-Ribboned Kitten” mechanically different to the regular kittens? As one of the long time players giving out kittens it’d be helpful to know if I should hoard the kittens I have until the Feast (to give out with ribbons) or continue to donate as normal knowing I only have one more possible breeding cycle before the Feast begins?


Recipients will be able to trade a Lovingly Be-Ribboned Kitten in to Lilac for Masquing (up to the normal gift limit of 30) and a regular Parabolan Kitten. So sending a Kitten out will be slightly more valuable during the Feast than it is now/would be normally, if you’re already in possession of a Panther!

We have just released the upgrade now to give some of these new burgeoning Panthers time to grow up before the Feast commences.


Apocalypse fatigue, oh my goodness yes. I’m so glad they noticed this!

Really looking forward to those “street level, more grounded stories set in London.”

I’d have absolutely no problem if 2024 would not bring anything on the scope of Evolution or the Railway, but many small things added to the game instead. There’s still a lot of space to fill out, especially in locations that haven’t seen anything new in a long time!


OHHHHH! Hell yeah, my first feast of the rose! I think! I’m pretty sure I could access it when it gets here. It sounds great from what I heard of it-romance and decadence and masquerade balls(masquerade balls!), oh I can’t wait!


One thing I’d like to see is a new way to get Chess: Mastery of the Game and/or Recollection of Your Chess Mastery to 100. You can’t get that now as the old chess social action was removed.


You know what I’d really love to see for the Estival? Fungal ice cream. It comes up in one of the sidebars as a treat sold by urchins during Summer, and sounds delightful! The event could be partnering with a particular Urchin-Gang to make and sell ice cream, kind of like a hybrid between the old elections and the Urchin War, the Masters could put out a call for ingredients (Wines would want to make some wine ice cream, ((it’s a real thing look it up)) Fires would make charcoal ice cream, Spices would probably make cinnamon ice cream) or perhaps the playerbase can just work together to buy and eat as much fungal ice cream as possible. It sounds like the perfect fit for a more grounded, less apocalyptic Summer event! Of course, the likelihood of FBG expanding one sidebar written about twelve years ago into an Estival is unlikely, to say the least.


that’s the march living world event, why’d you have to spoil it for the fanbase


Honestly, can we just have the Horticultural Show, without the giant disaster this time? Urchins building beautiful rooftop gardens, fungal monstrosities from the Uttershroom, the devils must be good at pollinating plants so would clearly get involved somewhere, and if you really need some lore / intrigue, have some sort of Masters vs Roseate Queen thing going on in the background?


Not sure if this is the right thread for this,

But this is the first advenced skill I raised to max and I’m both very proud of myself and a little annoyed it couldn’t have been MA.


Well done. There is a great tutorial in the wiki on the subject of Parabola including how to raise various of your advanced skills once in Parabola. Best of luck.


Thanks! Much luck to you too in all you do.

hey, that became real in the flit

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