Fallen London RPG?

I was thinking that Failbetter should definetely consider publishing a Fallen London tabletop RPG manual, comprised of artwork and everything.

Please, it’s my wet dream.

The only question is…
Fallen London based, or Unterzee based?


I’ve actually sent an email suggesting that, about a year ago or so.
The reply was something about lacking manpower and/or resources to manage so many projects. FBG likes to go slow and steady, but this could come to fruition in the future.

During a semi recent survey of what new game people wanted to see it was mentioned as a potential future game. There’s a high chance it will come to be, but first they’re doing Sunless Skies (which was also an option on the survey iirc)

EDIT: but no reason not to try and do your own! I’ve been messing with a mockup of one, but it’s fairly bad due to basing it off another system (the one I’m most experienced and comfortable with, White Wolf’s Storyteller system for the New World of Darkness). It’s rather cluttered and very roleplay heavy, due to having 4 menaces and like 13 factions.
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edited by Cthonius on 9/26/2016

[color=#0066ff]It’s unlikely to come to fruition unless we are approached by a credible commercial partner. [/color]

Well. Shoot. :(

[color=#0066ff]It’s unlikely to come to fruition unless we are approached by a credible commercial partner. [/color][/quote]
I’m representing Simulacrum Inc.(finity), which as a whole represents the audience of Fallen London. Our business proposal is as such: we, the fanbase, throw lots and lots of money at you, and you produce a Fallen London tabletop ruleset with accompanying art.

Inb4 a fan starts a company for the sole reason of helping with this game and ends up accidentally becoming a trademark in the progress

Accidental? No. Trademark? Yes please, Tradesnark[color=rgb(84, 84, 84)]™.[/color]

Accidental? No. Trademark? Yes please, Tradesnark[color=rgb(84, 84, 84)]™.[/color][/quote]


Interestingly I’ve been writing a little story called Ambition: Inheritance for such an RPG, but I’m awful at creating systems so I haven’t been able to run it yet.

But soon…

There was an attempt years ago by two very high-profile game designers, John Harper (of Lady Blackbird fame) and Vincent Baker (Apocalypse World, Dogs in the Vineyard, others). It was Powered by the Apocalypse and never really got off the ground, but you can see the wreckage on the forums.

On the other hand, John Harper’s current project, Blades in the Dark, has clear Fallen London influence. You play as scoundrels in a dim, ghost-ridden city. I’d say it’s perfect for Fallen London, particularly the Shadowy and Watchful bits.

It’s been in the works since a Kickstarter a few years ago but should be actually released soon. The quickstart, which is a fully functional game mostly missing the setting that you don’t particularly need for Fallen London anyway, is already for sale.

I did use Fallen London in my Changeling The Lost RPG game. It fits perfectly and my players are thrilled. I would definitely support such a game in a Kickstarter, but I am also guessing it is going to be some time since we get the chance!

I ran an adventure a couple of weeks ago in which I borrowed heavily from Fallen London. I used the Fate system, in which most of the character sheet is just a list of evocative phrases. I could run a whole Fallen London campaign like that with Fate, or Savage Worlds, or Cortex - each of which has nice simple rules and a mechanic similar to Second Chances.

Except that my players don’t play Fallen London, so they don’t know the world or the feel. I’m trying to convince them, but everyone has a dozen games they bought at the Steam Winter Sale and haven’t played yet. So I would totally buy/Kickstart/whatever a tabletop RPG.

I feel like GURPS could also make for a decent system, too.

A good starting point would be (IMHO) Into The Odd, which I believe would mesh very well with Fallen London

You can learn more about it here: http://soogagames.blogspot.com/ it has a free version which you can download directly.
The system is extremely rules-light (the pdf is 16 pages) and it is set in a different universe, but I believe there is a common thematic vibe that would make meshing the two relatively easy.

This would be absolutely fantastic. I’d play a game like this in a heartbeat.

This is the correct answer. FL, but with Unterzee expac. With new Zailor class!

First things first: what system would we use? Not D20 or 5E, too combat heavy. GUMSHOE? No, too combat light. GURPS? No, too complicated. We need something that can do political intrigues, monster hunting, forensic investigations and big, sneaky heist stories with equal competence while being able to keep tensions and instill horrified dread in the players. FATE Core, perhaps?