Fallen London officially available on Android

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EDIT: On a personal note, I’d like to see how many items in total I have after an action.[/quote]

+1 to this. It’s important in Port Carnilion to keep track of how much Imperial Legitimacy you have left.

Just a note, it appears that instantly-activating opportunity cards do not have the red boundary in the app and are indistinguishable from regular cards. I don’t know if this also holds true for any other special card types (Gold, SMEN, etc)

The colors of chance text also appears to be different than those of the standard version. For example, the &quotVery modest&quot chance is green instead of orange.
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So far the card borders in the opportunity deck are nonexistent, not just for the red border.

I like this! The split between Items and Myself is stupendous. I love being able to to scan my qualities.The music is great! And the UI/atmosphere is perfect.

uhh… if anyone have any wines that is more than 100 in this version. can you confirm if the number becomes blue ?

this is a problem in ios version. not sure about android

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I was curious when I read that what the exploit was. Something clever, I assumed. After a few minutes with the app, it’s quite obvious how it can be done. I can abide by the honor system, but it still feels like something that needs to be addressed.

Sent in a support email already but figure I’ll mention here for other players: having issues with my Time the Healer. Have the message of it, but not effects from it. I thought it was an app thing with the syncing. Not fully sure atm though. Anyone else with TtH issues?

While I have not been fully happy with the new App, it is one of the reasons I chose to indulge in this old obsession, once more. I was unable to use it at work and the dread of missing out got the better of me… Still, something must be done regarding the speed of actions. I have full confidence in FB games, as I always have. That’s why I supported Sunless Sea, after all.

I’d love to join the other droid OS users, but … I’m not going to jailbreak my amazon product just for this one game.

Is there been ANY word about the aplication process to get this into the walled garden of amazon?

I can record descriptions that come before choosing some option, but can’t record the text that is the result of it. I hope this is going to be fixed…