Fallen London Music

I’ve found a few neat songs ( Mister Sacks Is Coming To Town - YouTube and Join Me Maybe (Fallen London "Call Me Maybe" parody) - YouTube ) with Neathy lyrics. I was wondering if there are any others that people know about. Also, if this hasn’t already been done, the line &quotdo you want to raise a Noman&quot has been going through my head for a while, but I lack the musical skill to do anything with it.

somewhat related i guess. some of the characters in-game wear top-hats and suits.

Someone wrote lyrics based on “do you want to build a Noman”. They are somewhere in this forum. Good luck in finding them, though…

Challenge accepted.

This one? http://community.failbettergames.com/topic9685-i-was-talking-to-my-partner-and-this-happened.aspx

(Was the 5th result on a forum search for &quotbuild noman&quot)

Who wants some Mr Apples?

(he’s Mr Apples. He’s…highly morally questionable. And Madness has their new album out and all.)

I think there’s a soundtrack for Fallen London

Most of Josh Woodward’s stuff works. Let It In is nice.