Fallen London Mods

There are a couple of mods here and there for fallen london, and also for this forum. Most of what i’ve seen is custom Style Sheets, to do things like making it impossible to discard certain cards. there is potential for modding a web application for FL.

As can be seen here:http://community.failbettergames.com/topic21710-user-style-opportunity-protector-pending.aspx
And Here: http://community.failbettergames.com/topic20311-user-style-lily-protector-pending-approval.aspx

People are making little threads for their mods, for feedback, improvements suggestions, etc.
It probably wouldn’t be especially high traffic, but it might be nice to have a modding subforum. It would also be a nice opportunity to give it another cool name

Perhaps Caminus Yards, or Cotterall and Hathersage. Or the Great Downward Engineering Company

The whitelisted ones are all here, and I think there aren’t many more? Could be wrong, don’t know. Anyway, besides the two you listed there’s the Fallen London Secretary.

Oh yes, and maybe the Little Downward Engineering Workshop would be an appropriate name for the thread? ;)
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I’m aware of that whitelist, it sort of works as a mod directory, but sharing one thread amongst all of them doesn’t give much room for discussion of individual mods.

Re Name: We do already have a subforum called The Bazaar, you don’t get more grandiose than that. i don’t see any reason to set the sights low for this one. :P