Fallen London Landing Pages

Today I learned Fallen London has this thing called Landing Pages, which is essentially a page to log in, but the art/portrait to the left is different in some way, specified by the url. I’ll list all the ones I know of on this thread, and if anyone finds a new one it can be posted here. So, in alphabetical order:

Landing pages with art:
The Appalling Secret
The Blemmington
The Canny Costermonger
The Captivating Princess
Fogscape with Tentacles
Lettice, the Mercy
The Louche Devil
Mr. Sacks
The Nacreous Outcast
The Pirate Poet
The Quiet Deviless

Other shiny non-art pages:
Larger Social Buttons

Addendum: I’d like to go ahead and state that unless Failbetter says otherwise, this isn’t a thread for requesting specific landing pages. As much I (and probably others) would like to log in to the face of the Presbyterian Diplomat or the Watchful Doll, there are more important things to be written, coded, and finished, so let’s stick to pointing out ones that already exist.
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We’ve been seeing the Exceptional Hat pretty much every time we’ve logged in.

You need to use those links to see them. The Exceptional Hat is all you’ll get if you don’t (at least until Failbetter changes it).

Via Alexis’ post from here there are also:

And for bigger social buttons: StoryNexus : World not Found (which can be combined with the qi arguments).

And revealed to me by top secret sources in return for my silence on other matters: StoryNexus : World not Found
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EDIT: OOPS! :( I had forgotten about the problem with the journal landing page. So… only try it when you’re done looking at all the others? Or be prepared to clear your cache, I guess? Or avoid it like the plague! (Apparently it’s not bad enough that it had to be removed by a moderator, so I’m leaving it up for the curious.)

For nosy spies there’s the journal landing page (from this post):

(change the 5 to adjust the number of journal entries shown)
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[color=#C2B280]A mild health warning about the qj string: it’s kind of sticky, and may prevent you from seeing any images on the landing page until you clear your cache.[/color]
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Also a heads up, you may have to log out before you can see them. Because, you know, it’s a log-in page.