Fallen London has been recognized

I just found this (WARNING! MANY, MANY SPOILERS): http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/VideoGame/FallenLondon[li]
If you aren’t familiar with the website, it is a kind of wiki about tropes, idea/theme-type literary devices. Many examples are provided for each trope, and there are pages of the opposite; a work, game, movie, book, or anything of the such. Fallen London, as this page shows, is listed among Shakespeare, Spielberg, and Super Mario.

I felt a sense of pride and recognition upon seeing it there, though it should really be Alexis and the team feeling it, and thought to share it here.

Meanwhile, there’s a huge list of examples on the page ie vast trivia and answers. Which brings me to a very specific question:

Press X to die. I fear bringing it to attention as I may be consumed for doing so. Regardless, is this actually an option? Edit: Answered, thank you!

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Ah, I’ve run into that page a while ago. Fun to read through. :)

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[quote=Sara Hysaro]Ah, I’ve run into that page a while ago. Fun to read through. :)

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Oh, yeah, I’m a massive Trope-addict. One or two entries on that page will be mine.

Always good to see Fallen London getting recognition, although I’ve heard that tvtropes has gotten a bit puritanical recently. Perhaps that’s merely a reflection of my own warped sense of morality though, heh heh…

By the time you get to the number of “tropes” they list, they aren’t really tropes any more in my book. You are just analyzing every single bit of the game (or tv show or whatever), as opposed to just the main themes and styles. It starts to feel like (to me, at least) “Oh, they used the word “AND” on a page! Write it down!” :)