Fallen London down-ish over the weekend?

Good evening,

Has anyone else been having problems with Fallen London? It started off being quite sluggish(which was fine and was posted about happening as of October 7th) and starting last Friday I started getting “down for maintenance” messages(which was also fine as it would come back up after about 10 minutes) but for the past couple of hours or so I can no longer get at the “Story” area to use my actions. When I enter the URL it comes up eventually but when I click on “Story” it just sits there and does nothing for as long as I’m willing to wait.

Is there something happening with the servers right now?

I’ve been getting exactly the same thing for the last few hours: all other tabs work fine, but Story yields nothing but the loading symbol for a while then just turns into a blank page.
Edit: Have you sent in a bug report? I figured I’d wait until Monday London-time.
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yup, same’s happening to me. Oddly, I can do conversions from the myself menu, ie, fidgeting writer…on the bright side, at least my turns aren’t COMPLETELY wasted?XD

Same for me, all evening, story page loads forever then just goes to white.

man i don’t even have a problem
just kinda chillin out in polythreme stealing lots of silk with no loading issues at the minute

[quote=Spacemarine9]man i don’t even have a problem
just kinda chillin out in polythreme stealing lots of silk with no loading issues at the minute[/quote]

Oddly enough it seems to have fixed itself. I am guessing that there are load problems with the new Storynexus thing.

I haven’t had a problem at all though, i could play fine while other people were still makin new posts about it bein bust

It’s still behaving badly for me. Oh well.


Yep me too, though it does seem to work if you click on the story tab again if it goes blank, at least in chrome.

I’m getting a server disk full error.

The system overgoat seems to have eaten what was clogging teh disk and all is well again.

The bizarre (pardon the pun) thing is that I haven’t had the problem you describe. Fallen London has been slow for me, and sometimes would simply hang on the “loading” page after I hit the story tab, but I haven’t seen the white screen of death. On the other hand, my husband, who also plays, has had the “downish” problem, complete with white screen, and he’s unhappy about it.
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Sorry folks, we’ve had a few outages over the last few days. We’re good now, though.

I still have the same problem today. Can’t use opportunity deck, and stories in general are unreliable.

Me too!

[color=330099]I have reported it - downish fo me also[/color]

[color=#009900]We’re struggling tonight, folks - sorry. It’ll likely be up and down until tomorrow.[/color]

Just consider it the birth pangs of great success :) I bet a lot of people (like me) saw the news about StoryNexus, remembered that Echo Bazaar was a thing they enjoyed for a while, and then logged back in or made a new account. Flood of new users = servers explode.

The recent feature release was a difficult birth. But we think that the tech team have cracked the problems with it. We’ve still got something of an issue with verification mails, but we’re on that. Otherwise we’re good now.