Fallen London cosplay?

Anyone seen any/done it themselves?

I and two of the girls I live with play and we’re thinking of cosplaying it for the London MCM expo this October. Not sure anyone will get it except the Steampunk contingent but I’ll own an Archeologist’s Hat and that’s all that matters.

It would actually be more accurate to say that my Fallen London gear is based on my favourite real-life clothes. Granted, my quizzing-glass can’t actually see Correspondence-letters, but my pocket-watch was actually a wedding gift from the long-haired daughter of a bohemian theologian, which is a pretty good backstory for a Shepherd’s Timepiece.

Ha, I commend you. I have a dress which is essentially identical to that of the girl who represents the Bohemians. And her hair. I know I’m going to end up wandering through Spitalfields in it, being smug that I actually live in Spite. Way too involved in this game for my own good. Or the good of my degree.

I went as a FL (EBZ at the time) devil/spirifer at dragon*con last year, which was pretty much just my steampunk garb with added horns and a spirifer’s fork. No one got it at all, I was sad.

Next time I do one, I’ll have the addition of my stone tentacle key which you can see here: http://katarinanavane.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d4z9595
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You’d probably have to wear something really iconic, like an exceptional hat. Or cosplay as a Rubbery Man. Those are the only two things I can think of that are absolutely unique and recognizable to Fallen London…

Hat: A Sporing Bonnet might work as well, but it might be a bit more troublesome to make. Or you can put a Starveling Cat on your hat.

Clothing: clothing wise… ummmm, wearing a clothes-colony isn’t exactly a good idea. And most other stuff isn’t exactly unique to FL.

Gloves: The Avid / Eager / Insatiable / Whatever gloves with fangs and eyes, perhaps?

Shoes: Possibly Scarlet Stockings (of any origins). But be careful.

Accessories: Horsehead amulet!

Actually, just add fangs to everything you wear would be the safest bet. Even your shoes. Although I have no idea how to add that to clothing.

KatarinaNavane- the stone tentacle key is actually quite amazing!

Yep I think scarlet stockings and avid glove would be a necessity…Quite tempted to make a sporing bonnet, I’m a trained milliner so it shouldn’t be too much of a problem. I’m not sure I even mind if anyone gets it, I’d just have a really good time doing it!

MorganAstray- Thanks!

I want to cosplay Miriam Plenty, with a fanged hat adorned with moonpearls. Trying to figure out what to make rubbery lumps of – they must be both edible and durable.

Hard tofu, perhaps? I’ve certainly eaten tofu balls with a rubbery texture.

Oh, wow. Tofu is a good idea.

Or maybe really firm gummis? Gummy Candy Recipes

Gummis are definitely rubbery, and wouldn’t need refrigeration. They’d need to be grey.

Bonus: I don’t like gummis!