Fallen London blogs


being interested in reading a bit on the various Fallen London mythology (or just on the various new things Failbetter puts in the game) and lacking a Wiki (I mean, a Wiki as in Wikipedia with entries and descriptions, not the current Echo Bazaar wiki which is very nice but has a use mainly to see the various options in the storylets), I would like to know which Fallen London dedicated blogs, updated regularly at least, are present around the Net.

…any addresses?

Well, there are some blogs on tumblr, for example Spacemarine9’s I’m a candle, which is mostly about updates to FL and questions, and Deep. Dark. Marvellous. where you can find very very pretty pictures (and quotes and some other things. Pretty). There are some more blogs on tumblr that I am following, but they are usually more private (or at least that’s the feeling I get) and I don’t know if they want to be linked to. Although their owners usually have links in their forum signatures.
I have no idea if there is anything good outside of tumblr, can’t help you with that. I’d actually like to know myself. So, anything else?
edited by Karaeir on 12/15/2013

There is a rather big fallen london roleplaying community on Tumblr.
Incase you are interested in that community here’s the best summary page i know of.