Fallen London and the Christian Denominations

I’ll preface by saying that I’m substantially poorly educated about the branches of the Christian faith in general. However I’ve become extremely interested in the role of the church in the Fallen London universe, and I’ve been trying to determine which churches would have the greatest followings with considerations to the unique context.
I’ve tried to do my research on the subject, but I’m still unclear and would prefer a more knowledgeable opinion.
No doubt there would be many churches and chapels as there were historically at the time, so I’m mostly interested in the practice of my own character’s church, Saint Cyriac. I was thinking… Evangelicalism?, but as I understand it Evangelicals are true to the original bible… and God’s editors have been modifying/recontextualising the gospels for the Neath.
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I always assumed “Church” meant Anglican Communion - Wikipedia but I’m not English (nor even British) so if it’s not, I wouldn’t be able to explain why.

I’m 99.9% sure that the Church of England is still London’s mainstream church, but, at the same time, interactions with Church connections does occasionally include Catholic officials, and it’s entirely reasonable to expect that nonconformist faiths would come under the title. In any case, there are a hundred hard-to-classify churches, schools and saints’ cults that have emerged since the Fall, and I’m sure that some of them are only Anglican by default.

Speaking of faith in the Neath, I always wondered what became of victorian London’s sizable jewish community after the fall. Interested in seeing if the Great Synagogue got repurposed or if the remaining community still continues to pray there.
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Which in turn has me really curious how they dealt with the matter of sunset. Does everybody just use published times and rely on the accuracy of timepieces, or has the shofar come back as a signal device? If the latter, is it sounded based on a timepiece, does someone send a telegraph down from the surface (a little early/late to not violate their own rest), or something I haven’t thought of?

As I understand it, if one cannot tell when sunset occurs, when underground or in space, or it is excessively long, as in Alaska, one simply chooses a 24-hour period and sticks to it. I would imagine the shofar is used to indicate to the community, simply because it is easier than to rely on timepieces and almanac pages.