Fallback point - Basic tip for slow, safe cash.

This is propably basic enough that most people are aware of it already, but just in case someone feels strapped for cash and want a safe way of getting some coin, I figured I’d share this little note.

I should also note that I started with 50 mirrors, so I’ve never needed more than 2 flares to expose an enemy… thus my attack pattern against pirates has always been flare-flare-attack-attack-attack. Even with the basic gun, only every 7th pirate on average dealt more than 2 damage.

Just above Fallen London, there is a buoy, close to the coast west of Low Barnet. You can settle your ship just north of the buoy, at the edge of it’s light and turn of your own lights - Then wait for pirates to come for you.

I tried this because I found myself strapped for cash after buying a freighter for all my cash and it’s proven a stable way of getting first a couple of prizes and now I spend time there slowly but steadily filling my hold if I am doing other things.

Actually filling up your hold with goodies is VERY time consuming though and not something I recommend doing if you are actually looking to actively game, personally I am doing it while hanging up laundry and cleaning my apartment :D The occasional humm of a pirate encounter every minute or so is a nice, short break.

You can do this in Gaider’s Mourn for pirate frigates, or south of Whither for lifebergs too.

Main reason I stick with this spot is because of the low guns I have - I only got 68 iron in total, have yet to raise my base on Mutton Island.

And with no more than a 3-man crew, the supplies onboard last for almost an eternity!

I know the steam-pinnances give Fuel/1-2Supplies/Wine/Silk/Honey/Linen and 50 Echoes per prize, but does the prize increase for pirate frigates?
Does the loot one can get upgrade?

There is a place just east of Tanah-Chook where you can get both bats and pirates, useful if you want to reduce terror. Just make sure you are far enough south to avoid the Albino Morays if you are not strong enough to fight them. And if you are unlucky sending prize ships home you can pick up a crew member at Demeaux. If you get wine you can go over to Venderbight. All you really need to do is make sure you have enough supplies to get there and enough fuel to get back to London just in case the pirates don’t give you any.

When you are strong enough to fight the Corsair’s in Gaider’s Mourn you get a guaranteed one or two of both fuel and supplies and a random reward that can be worth up to 1000 echoes. Once I got strong enough I tended to stay there until my hold was full or I needed to fix hull damage. I do take occasional trips up to Port Cecil to see if I can play chess, fighting Bound Sharks for hunting trophies and also over to Abbey Rock to reduce terror.

Sending them back as Prizes takes 6 crew and gives 150 echoes so not something you want to do until you have upgraded to a ship with more crew quarters.
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That’s a pretty nice jump up in rewards for the corsairs at least, any idea when they become ‘fightable’? I am considering visiting there after a few drinks down at Mutton island, though maybe I’d best try my luck against the pirate frigates around Gaides Mourn first… Would not want to lose this ship after all the hours I’ve put into this save playing it safe now :P

75 hull and 15 crew so easiest with a flensing gun to get rid of the crew. Watch out for the Khanate War Trimarans they are stronger and tend to hover just outside the dock. Best advice there is to go just slightly north east beyond the nearest light buoy and keep dashing into Gaider’s Mourn until you get a Pewter Horsehead, by siding with the Khangians in a fight, then show it to their ships when you can’t avoid them